Maker Movie and MakerSpace Tour in Phoenix

As part of Phoenix Urban Design Week 2015 activities I attended the local premiere of  "Makers" at Filmbar in downtown Phoenix.  Preceded by a short bike ride, and followed by a short discussion about the local maker community, this was a great way to meet some of the local makers. I can highly recommend this movie, particularly to anyone new to the scene, who is interested in how this started, and where this maker "thing" is headed.  I was particularly impressed with "Sylvia's Super Awesome Maker Show" and I'm glad to see she is just as enthusiastic as she was when I met here a few years ago when I visited EMSL has the trailer for the movie, or you an view it on Youtube


Its not too late to sign up for another of the Design Week events, and this Maker event is a curated tour of four of the local makerspace in Phoenix. Its starts, with dinner, at the Pickle House, a former factory that's being transformed into a 200-job incubator, and even includes a teaser for the new @azsciencecenter makerspace being launched later this year. Details and registration at I hope to see you on the bus.


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