Manageability Commander Web Edition

Web applications have gotten very powerful and when it comes to computer management, the industry is moving to the web. This makes sense, web application are instantly deployed, cross-platform and run with strict security rules. For years, I have been working on the MDTK and its most famous tool, the Manageability Commander. Today, we are releasing a first version of the Manageability Commander Web Edition that is completely built in Javascript. The goal here is simple, make it possible for anyone to interact with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) using only code that runs in a web browser. Imagine going to a web site and being able to manage all of your small business or corporate computers.

To make this happen, we built a Javascript WSMAN stack along with redirection protocol, remote desktop (KVM) and remote terminal libraries. We then used these libraries to write a fully web based Intel AMT console. Commander Web Edition runs within a node-webkit (nw.js) frame as a standalone tool, but can also be adapted to run on web servers. It’s an early version, but the most difficult parts are already present. The WSMAN stack allows us to interact with Intel AMT for configuration, power control and much more. We then have remote desktop and terminal for live management of the remote machine.

Moving forward, there are many opportunities for Intel® AMT as we make web based & cloud management a new option. We are looking for testing and feedback on this new software. If you are interested in adding Intel AMT capabilities to your own web applications, the source code includes samples that can get you started.

Demonstration Video:

Feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-HIlaire


Manageability Commander Web Edition tool allows you to connect and manage computer
that support Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) all in Javascript

This is an early release, but the most complicated features are already present and working.
WSMAN, Hardware KVM and Serial-over-LAN is all web based.

The web application is built using a set of new JavaScript libraries that communicate directly with
Intel AMT.  No need for a server to do anything, the smarts is all in the web application.

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