IoT Development Made Easy on IBM* Cloud

Now professional developers can quickly deploy solutions with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and IBM Watson* IoT on IBM* Cloud

June 17th - Intel and IBM are collaborating to provide professional developers with a complete set of development tools for IoT from edge to cloud. Begin your innovation journey with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and IBM Watson* IoT on IBM Cloud* for a better out-of-the-box development experience, extended assets for ease of development, and the ability to quickly move from prototype to product. 

A Unified Approach

This joint approach to supporting commercial IoT developers combines the necessary hardware, software, training, and starter assets to help you quickly envision, prototype, test, and deploy commercial-grade IoT solutions. The Intel® IoT Developer Kit connects quickly to IBM Watson IoT on IBM Cloud, allowing developers to configure and analyze data from connected environments, rapidly build and deploy IoT cloud applications that can solve critical challenges, and launch new business models.

Now commercial developers can install IBM Watson* IoT on IBM Cloudon Intel® IoT Technology development platforms, including the new Intel® IoT Developer Kit, to simplify development and management of IoT projects. With this unified approach, software, hardware, cloud and overall management is streamlined.

Intel® IoT Developer Program

 A comprehensive program for professional developers, the Intel® IoT Developer Program offers knowledge, tools, dev kits and a community of experts to quickly and easily turn your innovative ideas into IoT solutions. With everything you need to create innovative projects, the Intel® IoT Developer Kit combines a powerful, production-ready hardware and software platform with a comprehensive Intel® IoT Developer Program and highly-engaged global developer community.

Versatile and performance-optimized, Intel developer kits are supported by a variety of programming environments, tools, security, cloud connectivity and open source projects, and hardware such as Intel® Edison development boards, and Intel® Gateway Solutions for IoT.

IBM Watson IoT on IBM Cloud

By bringing together the Internet of Things (IoT) with IBM Watson cognitive computing technologies a new kind of thinking is infused into objects, systems and processes. The IBM Watson IoT Platform delivers an open, cloud-hosted platform that makes it simple to derive value from IoT devices, sensors and gateways. It provides services for device registration, connectivity, control, rapid visualization and storage of data derived from the IoT, all with one platform, scaling from chip to app to cloud.

The connection capabilities of IBM Watson IoT on IBM Cloud allow solutions not only to connect in minutes, register, control and manage IoT devices, but also to perform bulk operations on many devices at once, gain enhanced diagnostic information and initiate device management actions such as over the air updates. Always-on analytics services provide context for IoT data by linking to systems of record, enriching it with additional data sources (for example, social sentiment and environment such as The Weather Company* data), to gain insight and take appropriate automated actions to resolve issues and address opportunities. IBM Watson IoT on IBM Cloud information management services allow engineering teams to operate and analyze data from millions of devices continuously over the cloud. IBM Watson IoT on IBM Cloud provides enhanced security for advanced device registration, data segmentation and authorization, policy-based security and other functions.

When combined with the IBM Bluemix* platform and access to secure Watson* APIs, IBM Watson* IoT Platform allows developers to rapidly compose and deploy industry focused IoT applications that provide solutions to generate new business models and insights. 

Learn More

With the robust offerings from Intel, pairing up an Intel® IoT Developer Kit or any Intel® IoT device and the IBM Watson IoT Platform bridges the gap for developers to spend time creating, rather than troubleshooting code.

Both Intel and IBM will be producing additional guides, code samples, tutorials and projects that demonstrate the power of Intel® IoT Technology and the ease of use of the IBM Watson* IoT Platform. Want to easily build a device with standardized parts and code to help jumpstart your solution?  Both Intel and IBM will be publishing recipes to help developers get their projects off to a quick start.

Get Started Deploying IoT Solutions on the IBM Cloud

Deploying commercial IoT solutions quickly and easily takes technologies and expertise from proven industry leaders. Team up with Intel and IBM for a complete set of resources for IoT from edge to cloud. With knowledge, tools, developer kits and a community of experts, the Intel® IoT Developer Program together with IBM Watson* IoT on IBM Cloud* helps you rapidly build and deploy IoT cloud applications. 

Intel® IoT Developer Kit offering easy-to-use commercial hardware, software, tools, and cloud services, so you can begin prototyping right away.

Intel® IoT Technology workshops and hackathons providing hands-on, face-to-face training and practical experience developing IoT projects.

Online IoT community for learning, building, and sharing on the Intel® Software Developer Zone for IoT.

IBM Watson* IoT on IBM* Cloud offers an open, cloud-hosted solution that makes it simple to derive value from IoT hardware. Learn more about IBM Watson IoT Platform.  

IBM Watson* IoT on IBM* Cloud

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