Intel® Developers April 2017: Innovator Events, International Women’s Day, and a Contest!

Intel® Developers and Influencers were busy over the last month! Here’s an update on what the Intel® Software Innovators, Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, and Intel® Student Ambassadors were up to around the globe. 


Marco Dal Pino ran Codemotion events in both Rome and Tel Aviv, worked the “Ask an Expert” table at Microsoft* Tech Conference in Milan, and gave a deep session on the various Windows* Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise versions variant and application markets at IoT Day Bari and Windows IoT & Realtime.

Massimo Bonanni supported booth duty at Codemotion Rome.

Asaf Shelly participated in both Codemotion Tel Aviv and Eastronics IoT Event.

Chris Skaggs and Soma Games worked with Fidgetech to host a Spring Break Game Jam for autistic young adults in honor of National Developmental Disabilities Month.

Andre Carlucci had over 3,600 downloads of his open source project Sharp Senses which uses the Intel® RealSense SDK.

Abhishek Nandy, Suresh Kumar & George Christopher held events in their regions for International Women’s Day.

Martin Foertsch & Thomas Endres gave a demo and spoke at Mobile TechCon in Munich and also spoke and had a booth at Javaland 2017 in Cologne. 



Bekraf Developer Day in Bogor saw Black Belt Aulia Faqih, Firmansyah Saftari, Frida Dwi Iswantoro, Monalisa Arcelia, Sofian Hadiwijaya, and Adrianus Yoza Aprilio presenting on Gaming, Android*, IoT, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence.

Prajyot Mainkar gave an "Android* Things on Intel® Edison Platform" demo at DroidBootcamp and at Colloquium 2017.

Pooja Baraskar gave a safety device demo at Digital Duchess Hackathon, and spoke at the IoT Workshop at NIT in Goa.

Adam Ardisasmita gave gaming lectures at 3 universities as well as at the Mixed Reality and Game Development for Future Industry & Education event.

M. Arun Magesh talked about the Current Pitfalls in IoT Security at the EFY IoT Conference in Bangalore.

Avirup Basu spoke about IoT and Robotics at 2 events at the Siliguri Institute of Technology.

Sofian Hadiwijaya spoke at the CCIT Seminar Series at the University of Indonesia on IoT.

Frida Dwi Iswantoro spoke on Virtuall Reality (VR) at the Creative Formula Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana.

Karthik M U gave a webinar on Intel® Edison board with

Omkar Khair gave a talk on Alexa Skillsets and Integration at an IoT for All Meetup.

Rishabh Banga did a demo on Smart Employee ID Cards at a Brown Bag Session, mentoring for Smart India Hackathon, and a demo on monitoring your child with IoT.

Sanju Mathew spoke about Bootstrapping Robotics at Infinity/Infosys in Trivandrum.

Sourav Lahoti participated in the CIOT Intel Workshop in Bangalore.


Fang Hui spoke about networking at (Network Functions Virtualization/Software Defined Networks (NFV/SDN) Training Camp in Beijing.

Yan Peng spoke about Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influence among AI ISVs at an Artificial Intelligence Seminar in Shenzhen.


Nelson Glauber posted 2 videos on YouTube, Android AppShortcuts and RXJava + Kotlin + Retrofit + Star Wars API

Pedro Kayatt wrote an article on Virtual Reality User Experience Tips from VRMonkey.


Justin Lassen & Moheeb Zara mentored students about pitching and pitch methods for their ideas and projects to inspire them at the Intel sponsored EmergenTech: Hack ASU. Justin also met up with local innovators and IoT developers at Southwest Maker Fest 2017 and at the Spark Festival of Creativity.

Ron Evans was interviewed for the Gotime podcast, which is the Golang programming community’s most popular podcast. He discussed Gobot, along with Intel® Industrial IoT Gateway, Intel® Joule platform, Intel® TinyTile board, and the Zephyr* RTOS. He also demoed “Toyhub” at SCaLE 15x, the USA’s largest community run Linux Conference.

Shivaram Mysore did a multi-vendor interoperability demo of FAUCET SDN software at SDN Plugfest.

Kamaljit Chahal participated in Ford’s* Startup Drive Hackathon as well as joined the monthly meetup for Detroit Hacker Nights.

Hillary Predko & Lindy Wilkins developed a wearable Android* apparatus for DXsocial: Tryptech (presented by FujiFilm) that responds to movement and was created by responding to the body; covered in laser cut patterns generated by sensor data from the performer and lit by LEDs that chance with her movement the apparatus is expressive armor for the future. At MakeFashion 5.0 they created an outfit that reimagines drones as witch’s familiars. Like familiars, drones are servant/spy/companion all in one as they drones follow the model, and surround her with billowing silk chiffon. The project features Parrot* AR drones, controlled by custom software, carrying the train of a dress down the runway and the bodice is painted with photo-luminescent pigments and back-lit with UV LEDs, giving it an ethereal glow; fans and silk are controlled by microcontrollers as well.

Peter Ma competed in the Fabreeze Hackathon and was also featured in a Bloomberg article about Hackathon Hustlers Make Their Living from Corporate Coding Contests.

Omar Barlas attended the SXSW Startup Night Demos where he pitched on stage and demoed Orbii his IoT/Intel® Edison board based product firmware developed using the Intel® IoT XDK.

Tim & Alex Porter gave a speakership, were on a panel and did a demo about VR at SxSW 2017 and also two articles on IDZ including Using Underminer Studio’s MR Configurator Tool to Make Mixed Reality VR Videos and VR Optimization Tips from Underminer Studios.

Gaurao Chaudhari helped participants during the workshop portion of the Intel® Commerical IoT Workshop in Austin.

Lilli Szafranski & Jesse Banks demoed Stoichiea [Elements] at the ACMA Maker Open House in Beaverton, Oregon and the digital art remained on display for 3 weeks. They also held their weekly Lumina Lab Nights. The local paper did an article on Stoicheia and the open house as well.

Daniel Whitenack gave a presentation on the Innovator NDA call for AI about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Distributed Data Processing. He also spoke at the Chicago Ultimate Go Meetup, posted 3 projects on GitHub (Nervana Neon and Pachyderm for Sentiment Analysis, Tensorlow and Pachyderm for Image-to-image generation, and Using Intel’s DAAL with Go. He also posted a blog about Pachyderm 1.4: Performance Boosts, Simplified Data Partitioning, Deployment Flexibility, and more.

Macy Kuang did training at the Intro to Hardware Hacking “Hack Your Life” event in Toronto.

Paul Langdon spoke at Startup Weekend Cambridge, discussed Intel® Arduino 101 and BLE/Voice Services at both the Hackster and the CT Robotics Society monthly meetups.

Matt Rebong posted an article on IDZ about Combating VR Sickness with User Experience Design.


Codemotion Rome & Codemotion Tel AvivBlack Belt Marco Dal Pino, Black Belt Massimo Bonanni, Black Belt Asaf Shelly, Matteo Valoriani, Lorenzo Karavania all participated in the Codemotion events.

Intel®IoT Solutions Hackathon: both Adam Milton Barker and Michael Schloh supported this event in Furth.

Embedded World 2017: Ron Evans & Johnny Chan demonstrated Intel’s “IoT Environment Monitor” using Intel® Industrial IoT Gateway and Intel® Arduino 101, running using Intel® System Studio.

Paolo Moro had a booth at SMAU Padova, and gave training at Fablab Padova on IoT Industry 4.0.

Adam Milton-Barker spoke about the Evolution of IoT through AI & BioHacking at the Home Automation Event at the National Institute of Technology in Goa, spoke about AI at Tedx Talk Melbourne. 

Silviu-Tudor Serban gave a talk on the Key Ingredients for Crafting Intelligent Robots at Tech Talks Bucharest.

Marco Minerva worked at the “Ask an Expert” table at the Microsoft* Tech Conference in Milan focusing on Networking, IoT, Windows*, and AI.

Gregory Menvielle & Agnes Duverger spoke about Intel® Edison platform, plus their driver’s project at Esri Energie and Reseaux Days.

Jaco Bezuidenhout gave an AI Workshop at University of Pretoria and University of Johannesburg and also spoke at the Maker Faire at the University of Pretoria.

Salvino Fidacaro spoke at Codelab* Cloud & Google* Cloud Platform Next17 Extended Nebrodi in Italy.


Pratool Bharti was part of a panel discussion on AI at SxSW as well as spoke about AI at SIGCSE in Seattle.

Troi Williams, published an article on Intel® Developer Zone (IDZ) about Intel Node FAQ.


North America events included Hillary Predko & Lindy Wilkins hosted A Lab of One’s Own International Women’s Day 2017 Event in Toronto which had 40 women attendees and featured 3 workshops: Futuristic RPG Games, Intel® Arduino 101 and Grove, and Intro to Analog Circuits. Erica Tiberia hosted a Fearless Design and Technology Prototyping event for International Women’s Day in Toronto. Lilli Szafranski & Jesse Banks: In celebration of Teen Tech Week, and in honor of International Women's Day, Arts and Communication Magnet Academy presented a Maker Open House and Opening Reception for Stoicheia [ELEMENTS] in the Performing Arts Center in Beaverton, Oregon.

Within Europe Francesca Tosi organized a meetup in honor of International Women’s Day and spoke about Digital Transformation and Intel® Project Alloy in Italy. Christie Osarenren put together a Collaboration for Innovation event in London, Johnny Chan was a part of this event as well. Konstantin Popov & Marianna Alshina gave a webinar for women entrepreneurs on How 3D Technology Helps to Increase Sales.

Several events were held in Indonesia including: Pooja Baraskar, Rupam Das & Moumita Das hosting Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Women event in Bangalore. Black BeltAbhishek Nandy & Avirup Basu hosted Womenhacks in West Bengal. Sanju Mathew & Benjamin Mathews Abraham spoke at the Women in Technology event in Kerla. Black Belt Suresh Kumar & Black BeltGeorge Christopher gave a talk about Empowering Women Engineers as well as a talk on Innovation for girl students at VIT. Sourav Lahoti hosted a Women in Tech event in Kolkata.


China US Young Maker Competition
Are you a US-based innovator interested in tackling social or environmental challenges? Intel is accepting submissions to the 2017 China US Young Maker Competition between April 24 and June 23. Ten projects from the US will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Beijing, China in August to compete for a grand prize of 15,000 USD. This competition is open to US residents aged 18-40. For more details go to the competition web page on

Innovator Collaboration Opportunity with Gregory Menvielle at SmartNotify
Gregory Menvielle is looking for collaborators! SmartNotify specializes in the communication layer with a focus on better safety and communication tools at home, in the office, or when traveling. We would love to collaborate with innovators and teams from Intel during Disabilities Awareness Month. We know that several innovators work in computer vision or have produced prototypes targeting different disability groups, the idea would be to push this further and include the communication part in the workflow. Watch a Video and Learn More & Collaborate Today.

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