Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for May

Android* Things

Useful Packages and Modules (UPM) and MRAA Support for Android Things*

Sensors that provide data are the key to delivering the IoT promise. Now developers can take advantage of the UPM sensor libraries to greatly accelerate the development of their IoT projects and to eliminate the need to write their own libraries.

The IoT revolution

The Three Phases of the IoT Revolution and the Resources Developers Need to Get Started

Learn more about three major phases of IoT: connecting the unconnected, creating smart and connected things, and building a software-defined autonomous world.

Amazon* Alexa

Voice Control Framework with Intel® NUC and Amazon Alexa*

Create custom voice-powered IoT solutions using Intel® IoT Technology and Amazon Alexa*. Learn to use the Intel® NUC, an Amazon Echo*, and JavaScript* to create a voice-control framework for your IoT project.

Google Cloud Platform

Connecting an Intel® NUC to the Google Cloud Platform* Service

Learn how to use an Intel® NUC to connect sensors on an Arduino 101* (branded Genuino 101* in some countries) to the Google Cloud Platform* service.

Open CV at the Edge

Counting People: OpenCV* at the Edge

Discover how a gateway keeps data at the edge instead of transferring it to the cloud. This project counts people by using OpenCV* to analyze an IP camera web stream.

Range Finder Scanner

Code Sample: Range Finder Scanner in Python*

Create a range finding scanner using an Intel® Edison board or Intel® IoT Gateway. When finished the scanner will continuously check the Grove* IR Distance Interrupter, move the stepper motor in a 360-degree circle and will be able to be accessed via the built-in web interface to view data.

 Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000

Where to Use the Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000

Discover ways in which you can use the Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000 in your designs.

Zephyr* Real-Time Operating System

Introduction to the Zephyr* Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) with the Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000

The Intel® Quark™ microcontroller D2000, based on Intel’s lowest power Pentium® processor, is designed to control battery-powered electronics like wireless sensors and wearables. Learn how to configure the Zephyr* RTOS with the microcontroller.

Intel® IoT Gateways

Intel® IoT Gateways with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit User Guide - Ubuntu*

Use the Intel® IoT Developer Kit to connect your Intel® IoT Gateway to sensor or edge devices. Program user applications for the gateway using Intel IoT Developer Kit tools, such as the Intel® System Studio IoT Edition and Intel® XDK.

Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous Vehicle and Remote Surveillance with the Intel® Edison Platform

Create a small-scale autonomuous vehicle with remote surveillance using the Intel® Edison platform.

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Intel IoT

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