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Accelerate Advanced Analytics on Big Data with Trusted Analytics Platform
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 06/11/15 0
A collection of articles describing Intel's work understanding Big Data with Trusted Analytics Platform.
A Community for Developing Modern Code
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 05/10/15 0
Most code does not take full advantage of the multi-level parallelism capabilities of today's processors. A new Intel effort provides a community to help developers modernize their code. The community offers training, access to tools, support, the opportunity to share ideas with peers, and advice from industry experts. Developing modern code ensures that developers do not leave any performance on the table when using modern processors
Application Developers Alliance Workshops on the Future of the Digital Enterprise
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 23/09/15 0
The Application Developers Alliance, just announced a 3-city event series aimed at promoting cutting-edge enterprise technologies to increase datacenter operational efficiency, deliver multi-platform solutions, and maintain data security. The largest Internet players that build and run their own ...
HPC Cloud Challenge: Intel, Altair, AWS Champion Developers
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 18/09/15 0
High Performance Computing (HPC) is no longer limited to the realm of science and technology. The National Strategic Computing Initiative is a recent U.S. Executive Order coming straight from the White House and is inspiring innovation in high performance computing (HPC) across the board. The initiative, which asks developers to help advance the United States’ global leadership in HPC is raising the bar for HPC, not only in the United States, but worldwide.
Free Online Training on Parallel Programming and Optimization
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 01/09/15 0
The Colfax Hands On Workshop (HOW) training series is an integral part of the Intel Modern Code Developer program which supports developers in leveraging application performance in code through a systematic optimization methodology. Attendees of these workshops may receive a certificate of completion. The certificate states the Fundamental level of accomplishment in the Parallel Programming Track. Attending at least 6 out of 10 live broadcast sessions is required to receive the certificate.
Code Modernization Launch at ISC
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 10/08/15 0
Check out the video interview with Scott Apeland (Director, Intel Developer Programs) about the launch of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community at ISC in Frankfurt, Germany. "Building on the success of the Intel Parallel Computing Centers, Intel is announcing the Intel Modern Code Developer...
在国际超级计算大会 (ISC) 上启动代码现代化
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 10/08/15 0
请观看对 Scott Apeland(英特尔开发人员计划总监)的视频采访,了解有关在德国法兰克福举办的国际超级计算大会 (ISC) 上启动英特尔® 现代代码开发人员社区的信息。 “基于英特尔并行计算中心所取得的成功,英特尔宣布将通过英特尔现代代码开发人员社区帮助 HPC 开发人员进行编码,以在当前和未来的硬件上最大限度地提升性能。 该计划面向超过 400,000 名专注于 HPC 的开发人员,支持他们联系并行化和 HPC 领域的顶级专家,以获取工具、培训、知识和支持。 这个不断壮大的开发人员社区现可获取所需的技能,以发挥英特尔硬件的全部潜能,并为全新的发现时代提供支持。” 还请观...
网络研讨会: IDF 现场 - Parallel Programming Pearls
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 28/07/15 0
无法参加将于八月在旧金山举办的英特尔信息技术峰会? 我们已将您列于参与者名单。 本课程将由发烧友、作者、编辑和技术宣传官 James Reinders 介绍两个实际并行编程优化示例。 时间: 2015 年 8 月 19 日星期三上午 11:00 - 12:00 (太平洋时间) 本课程将探讨以下内容: • 列举具体的实际示例说明英特尔® 至强融核™ 产品如何借助相同的编程模式将并行编程从少量内核无缝扩展至众核(超过 60 个内核) • 通过所有免费示例的源代码重点探讨最新出版的 “High Performance Parallelism Pearls 第二册” 中的示例。 点...
Webinar: IDF LIVE - Parallel Programming Pearls
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 28/07/15 0
Unable to join us at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this August? We have you covered. This session dives into real-world parallel programming optimization examples, from around the world, through the eyes and wit of enthusiast, author, editor and evangelist James Reinders. When: Wed,...
Bay Area Spark meetup at Intel Santa Clara campus
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 24/07/15 0
Intel will be hosting a bay area spark meetup at Intel Santa Clara campus (SC12 auditorium) on Thursday Aug 20 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm This meetup will focus on Large scale Distributed ML on Spark.  The talk will be published on the Apache Spark channel on YouTube.   Abstract: Hado...