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Mesh Commander - Improvements & Interceptor
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 06/11/15 2
Last week, we released the latest version of Manageability Commander Web Edition with many new improvements. Intel AMT is taking steps to fully support the web and this starts with a entirely web based Intel AMT console. The latest version of Manageability Commander is entirely built in Javascript. The new Manageability Commander Web Edition has plenty of new improvements, and here are just a few:
Meshcentral & Commander at IDF2015
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 18/08/15 0
A quick note to say that my team has excellent representation & location at IDF this year. If you are at IDF and want to know what we are doing with platform manageability, Intel® AMT or many other technologies our group is working on, please stop by. We are located on the 2th floor on top of the escalators. Not only are the technologies being shown, but often times the people that work on this technology day-to-day are also present making it a fun and interesting experience.
Meshcentral - Now with integrated Manageabiltiy Commander Web Edition
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 13/08/15 0
The new Manageability Commander code base offers many benefits. For example, the hardware KVM feature in Meshcentral used to not support compression, and so, was very slow. The new viewer supports full ZRLE8 and ZRLE16 tile compression allowing for much better KVM performance over the Internet. All of the WSMAN/KVM/SOL smarts is built in JavaScript and runs in the browser, greatly simplifying the server that focuses on connection relay. Administrators can now manage Intel AMT user accounts, event log and more… as Manageability Commander evolves, new versions of the code will be integrated into Meshcentral, so the console will get better over time.
Meshcentral - Sprinxle Cloud
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 03/08/15 0
Sprinxle is a company based in California that offers Intel AMT management solution and services. Recently, they added Sprinxle Cloud to their product line up. Sprinxle Cloud is a commercially supported version of Meshcentral. Late last year, they started taking the open source software and making the proper changes to it so they could offer it as a supported product. They offer e-mail and phone support along with many other services.
Manageability Commander Web Edition
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 10/07/15 0
Web applications have gotten very powerful and when it comes to computer management, the industry is moving to the web. This makes sense, web application are instantly deployed, cross-platform and run with strict security rules. For years, I have been working on the MDTK and its most famous too...
Meshcentral - Back from Sabbatical
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 28/05/15 0
It’s been a while since the last Meshcentral announcement for good raison, I was on sabbatical. So far this year it’s been an amazing time for Meshcentral and the Mesh team. In the last few weeks, I have been very lucky in being able to tour Quebec, France and Italy like I have never done it be...
MeshCentral - Vacations
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 08/05/15 0
It's been a while since I blogged but I have been on sabbatical for a few weeks now and traveling in Quebec and Europe. In the last weeks before I left on vacation there was a lot of work to get various projects up and running. I then left for Montreal to visit family and I am now touring Franc...
Meshcentral - Now enabled with drones!
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 01/04/15 0
Today, the MeshCentral team is very proud to be announcing something that is absolutely revolutionary in remote computer management. We had to make the announcement today because it was going to leak out anytime and this project was so secret we told absolutely no-one, including our own managem...
Meshcentral - Mesh Agent v193 + Java* APIs and samples
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 27/03/15 0
We regularly update the Mesh Agent with many new features, but this week Bryan Roe had quite an impact with a complete suite of new features that are being rolled out in Mesh Agent v193. For people using or for many running their own server, the agent update is automatic. The ne...
Meshcentral - Experimental WebRTC Mesh
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 18/03/15 0
This week, we have a completely experimental announcement. We are showing off early technology that will be used to enable a range of new usages in the future. Meshcentral has the word “mesh” in it because it makes use of peer-to-peer technology between mesh agents to increase scalability and p...