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Reducing boilerplate code in parallelized loops with C++11 lambda expressions
Autor: gaston-hillar Publicado em 14/04/16 0
The C++11 standard, formerly known as C++0x, brought lambda expressions, and their usage greatly reduces boilerplate code. Intel® C++ compiler allows us to take advantage of lambda expressions to reduce boilerplate code when parallelizing loops with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB).
Working with devices connected to the I2C Bus with JavaScript*
Autor: gaston-hillar Publicado em 26/05/15 0
You can easily work with any electronic device or component that implements the I2C bus with an Intel® Galileo Gen 2 board, Intel® XDK IoT Edition and JavaScript*. Sometimes, your Internet of Things project requires you to interact with either a device or component that implements the I2C bus bu...
Optimizing Big Data processing with Haswell 256-bit Integer SIMD instructions
Autor: gaston-hillar Publicado em 11/06/14 0
Big Data requires processing huge amounts of data. Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (aka AVX2) promoted most Intel AVX 128-bits integer SIMD instruction sets to 256-bits. Intel AVX brought 256-bits floating-point SIMD instructions, but it didn't include 256-bits integer SIMD instructions. Intel...
Optimized Pseudo Random Number Generators with AVX2
Autor: gaston-hillar Publicado em 07/06/14 0
Intel® Math Kernel Library includes powerful and versatile random number generators that have been optimized to take full advantage of Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (aka Intel® AVX2) introduced with the Haswell CPUs. In this post, I’ll explain how to use a random number generator that bene...
Tasks or Software Threads?
Autor: gaston-hillar Publicado em 12/02/10 2
Most modern threading platforms are already offering task based programming models. Thus, they are allowing developers to follow one of the eight rules for multicore programming written by James Reinders a few years ago. I’m specifically talking about rule #3: "Program in tasks (chores), not thre...
Installing Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite on Windows 7
Autor: gaston-hillar Publicado em 07/10/09 2
Many Windows developers stayed in Windows XP instead of upgrading their developer workstations to Windows Vista. Windows Vista introduced some compatibility problems when installing certain applications. Now, Windows 7 is round the corner and many developer workstations are going to move to this ...
Using Intel Parallel Studio to teach the most difficult issues related to multi-core programming
Autor: gaston-hillar Publicado em 10/06/09 4
As my blogger profile says, I’m always researching about new tools and technologies. Therefore, I couldn’t help downloading and testing Intel Parallel Studio’s Beta. I’m usually involved in projects using many different programming languages. I’m not a C++ guru. However, I often work with unmanag...