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Meshcentral - Microsoft Windows for IoT + New WebRTC Microstack
Autor: ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Publicado em 05/03/15 0
A key feature of Meshcentral is that it’s a single place to manage all your devices. From large servers to tiny IoT devices. You do it all in a single place and this, over the internet and anywhere in the world. Today, we are continuing to make Meshcentral a leading tool for IoT management with...
Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Developer Training Coming to a City Near You in 2015
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 04/03/15 0
Intel is offering an updated and expanded series of software developer trainings in parallel programming using the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor.
Minimizing the Build size with the Intel RealSense Runtime Installer
Autor: Colleen Culbertson (Intel) Publicado em 04/03/15 0
To package an application written using the Intel RealSense SDK, you need to package it to include the RealSense Runtime Installer (because your users will not have the SDK installed).  Documentation is available for R2
Intel®DevTech Mixer at SxSW 2015
Autor: Wendy Boswell (Intel) Publicado em 02/03/15 0
SxSW is the largest interactive five day event of emerging technology, networking, and unbeatable showcases featuring new video games, startup ideas, and websites.  At the Moonshine in Austin, Texas, on March 16th from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, (register here if you'd like to attend!) several developers ...
DirectX* 12 Collaboration with Microsoft
Autor: Randi Rost (Intel) Publicado em 02/03/15 0
Today at GDC 2015, Intel showed demos running on Intel hardware using the new DirectX* 12 API from Microsoft. These demonstrations continue the recent Intel dedication to show support for a new API version from the moment it is announced. Intel has been collaborating with Microsoft on the design...
Intel and Ubisoft Optimize Cosmos Game Engine for Intel® Platforms
Autor: Randi Rost (Intel) Publicado em 02/03/15 0
Today, Intel and leading game developer Ubisoft announced that they are working together to add native x86 support to the Ubisoft Cosmos game engine. This enables a long lineup of future mobile game releases from Ubisoft to run natively on x86 platforms. Native execution results in improved load ...
Funcom Collaboration to Maximize Intel® Iris™ Graphics Benefit
Autor: Randi Rost (Intel) Publicado em 02/03/15 0
Intel announced today that it has been working with Funcom to enhance the visual effects in its Windows* and Android* versions of LEGO* Minifigures Online, a fun-packed online game. The companies used the unique pixel synchronization capabilities of Intel® Iris™ graphics to enable more realistic ...
Intel® RealSense™ Technology to Power Psychological Thriller Game
Autor: Randi Rost (Intel) Publicado em 02/03/15 0
Intel announced today that it is helping indie studio Flying Mollusk use Intel® RealSense™ technology to power its ambitious bio-feedback enhanced, psychological horror game “Nevermind*.” Intel first learned about Nevermind through Kickstarter just before GDC 2014. After meeting with the develope...
Autor: ANDERSON C. (Intel) Publicado em 02/03/15 0
以下整理目前英特爾對於遊戲開發的支援 Intel® 架構 Android* 平板電腦的行動遊戲圖形開發 (一) Intel® 架構 Android* 平板電腦的行動遊戲圖形開發 (二) 其中與Unity相關 Intel 與 Unity* 攜手奮起  Unity* Resource Center for x86 Support 為使用 Unity 遊戲引擎的* Android 應用程式* 新增 x86 支援 其他遊戲引擎 為以 x86 為基礎的 Android* 遊戲選擇適合的引擎 適合 Intel® 架構 Android* 的 CoCos2D 外出期間也能享受最高畫質遊戲...
Using RealSense into Unity game developing
Autor: ANDERSON C. (Intel) Publicado em 01/03/15 0
Collect information for Using RealSense into Unity game developing  Using Intel Perceptual Computing SDK in the Unity 3D Environment An Intel® RealSense™ Technology–Driven First-Person Controller in Unity* 3D Intel® RealSense™ SDK Gesture Sequences Implemented in Unity* 3D +RealSense forums ht...