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Now is the Time to be Proactive with Security
Autor: Ricardo Echevarria (Intel) Publicado em 24/04/17 0
Security is Key Intel is motivated to help the industry obtain the best return on investment in cybersecurity. A strong cyber posture is core to winning and maintaining consumer satisfaction and confidence. So what can be done to help companies avoid devastating security breaches? My suggestio...
Autor: Robert Geva (Intel) Publicado em 20/04/17 0
一个古老的犹太族寓言讲述了一个穷人向拉比寻求建议,他家里人多,房子小,感觉很拥挤。拉比告诉信徒,在房子里养一只山羊,一个月后再来见他。穷人很疑惑,但是没有争辩,他将一只山羊安置在房子里。一个月以后,拉比让穷人把山羊带走,一周后再来见他。不出所料,一周后,穷人感谢拉比,他的心情舒畅多了,因为他觉得家里没有那么挤了。 目前,只有专用语言才能编写 GPGPU 程序,因此,编程人员认为在代码无法在 CPU 和 GPU 上通用的原因是缺乏支持所有硬件目标的语言。这种情况就像是在房子里养山羊。带走山羊只会回到最初的问题,造成问题已经解决的假象。 现在,OpenCL™、OpenACC 语言不断...
Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks Apr. 2017
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 20/04/17 1
Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. With dozens of new projects being added each month there are always tons of great new ideas to check out – everything from ideas on how to use a new piece of technology, to fully formed i...
How Simulation Started a Billion-Dollar Company
Autor: Engblom, Jakob Publicado em 20/04/17 0
For this blog post, we will go back in time to the early 1990s. At that time, “PC graphics” was almost an oxymoron. If you wanted to do real graphics, you bought a “real machine”, most likely a Silicon Graphics* MIPS*- based workstation. At the PC price-point, fast hardware-accelerated 3D graphic...
How to recover CCA when its firmware LED keeps blinking
Autor: Soflen S. (Intel) Publicado em 19/04/17 0
The Intel® Silicon View Technology Closed Chassis Adapter (CCA) is a probe for debugging 6th and 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors platforms with software tools Intel(R) System Debuggers (ISD). When user establishes a connection to a target platform, ISD checks the firmware version of CCA an...
Intel® Developers April 2017: Innovator Events, International Women’s Day, and a Contest!
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 18/04/17 0
Intel® Developers and Influencers were busy over the last month! Here’s an update on what the Intel® Software Innovators, Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, and Intel® Student Ambassadors were up to around the globe.  BLACK BELT SPOTLIGHT Marco Dal Pino ran Codemotion events in both Rome...
Intel and Facebook* Collaborate to Boost Caffe2 Performance on Intel CPU’s
Autor: Andres R. (Intel) Publicado em 18/04/17 0
                            By Andres Rodriguez and Niveditha Sundaram Every day, the world generates more and more information — text, pictures, videos and more. In recent years, artificial intelligence and deep learning have improved several applications that help people better understand th...
International Women's Day 2017 - A Recap of Events
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 17/04/17 0
We celebrated International Women’s Day for the entire month of March. Intel® Software Developer Black Belts and Intel® Software Innovators held 14 events around the world with over 2,300 participants for our 2017 celebration. These women-oriented events, mainly hosted and attended by women, are ...
The Fab Five: Game Developer Content | April
Autor: Carman, Vicky Publicado em 11/04/17 0
This month we bring you fun and games direct from GDC 2017. See the latest Intel game development happenings straight from the source.
The Best of Modern Code | April
Autor: Carman, Vicky Publicado em 11/04/17 0
This month we explore 3-D vision for brain tumors, models for sea ice, and good syntax.