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Call for Papers: Inspire the Global IoT Community by Speaking at Intel Global IoT DevFest III
Autor: GRACE METRI (Intel) Publicado em 24/04/18 0
Submit Your Abstract by May 4 to Present at this Two-day Virtual Conference June 19-20 If changing the world through the Internet of Things (IoT) is what animates and inspires you, here’s your opportunity to drive that change: as a featured presenter at Intel Global IoT DevFest III, the two-day ...
Autor: administrar Publicado em 24/04/18 0
Up Squared* Board Q: 如何重新烧录系统 A: 这个跟PC装系统一样,可以参考这里 目前有ubuntu server和desktop 2个image提供 用USB盘烧好镜像以后,UP2接显示器,键鼠,用U盘启动 Q: 已经装了windows系统要怎样装回默认版本呢? A:
Folsom City Library Embraces VR
Autor: Bob Duffy (Intel) Publicado em 23/04/18 1
The Folsom VR Lab is held twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 12 noon to 4pm at the Folsom Library. The space is very large and all are welcome to join in. There you will find a variety of technologies from Google Cardboard through the most immersive VR experiences using the Oculus Rift of the HTC Vive VR systems. There is even a 3D printer available.
MeshCentral2 - Notes, Account Management & Locking
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 19/04/18 0
MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. This week is the last feature release for a little while because of traveling and vacations coming up and a bit more focus on bug fixes. This said, we have a bunch of really good features released this week that improv...
AI DevCamp:Chicago
Autor: Karl Fezer (Intel) Publicado em 17/04/18 0
I write this as an observer of something I had yet to witness. Early in the morning of April 7th, facing bitter cold and a lack of coffee, roughly 200 developers and students entered TechNexus in downtown Chicago. They were brought there by the same reason I was there, the idea of something new, ...
How to Securely Move Mission Critical Workloads to the Cloud
Autor: Laura M. (Intel) Publicado em 17/04/18 0
As organizations increasingly move their business-critical workloads to the public cloud, encryption is an effective and popular control for data protection. With encryption protecting the data, the risk then transfers to the encryption keys. Balancing control over security with shared, multi-gro...
Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for April
Autor: Amelia N. (Intel) Publicado em 16/04/18 0
Download code samples this month to create an IoT Hub for communication between the Microsoft Azure* cloud platform and your UP Squared* device. We also give you more on smart sensors, actuators, and protocols.
Intel Security Essentials: A Built-in Foundation with Security at the Core
Autor: Lorie W. (Intel) Publicado em 16/04/18 0
Today at RSA in San Francisco, Intel announced a framework & built-in foundation of security capabilities called Intel® Security Essentials. These capabilities are available across Intel® processor lines, and they enable security professionals to protect platforms, data, and to build trusted ...
The Best of Modern Code April 2018
Autor: Russ Beutler (Intel) Publicado em 13/04/18 0
Updates for Fortran 2018, a new issue of the Parallel Universe and more Python*.
MeshCentral2 - Frame rate, Temporary agent, Processes
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 12/04/18 0
MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. The pace of releases is accelerating as the core components of MeshCentral2 are maturing and it’s getting easier to build new features. The “all JavaScript” nature of MeshCentral2 with the browser, server, database and...