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Face It - Week 2 Update
Autor: Pallab P. Publicado em 06/06/17 0
Face It is a mobile application that detects a person's facial structure as well as information about the person’s lifestyle and current trends, and utilizing that data, recommends the user a hair/beard style. For this Early Innovation Project, our goal is to have the user scan his face to det...
Finding BIOS Vulnerabilities with Symbolic Execution and Virtual Platforms
Autor: Engblom, Jakob (Intel) Publicado em 06/06/17 0
Finding vulnerabilities in code is part of the constant security game between attackers and defenders. An attacker only needs to find one opening to be successful, while a defender needs to search for and plug all or at least most of the holes in a system. Thus, a defender needs more effective ...
Intel® Developer Zone NFV/DPDK Dev Lab
Autor: Sujata T. (Intel) Publicado em 05/06/17 0
Application deadline is imminent for the Out-of-the-Box Networking Developers June 2017 Intel Developer Zone NFV/DPDK Lab! Learn about hardware and software technologies designed to make life easier for an NFV developer.
Autor: Imad S. (Intel) Publicado em 05/06/17 0
本周,在谷歌I/O大会上,开发者们和其它参会人员提前目睹了沃尔沃即将在其下一代互联网汽车上采用的全功能信息娱乐平台。对于那些幸运的参观者来说,他们很容易看到并且欣赏到由英特尔和Android* Nougat带来的令人敬畏的全新体验,这些体现在其强大的功能和简易性上。高分辨率显示屏让司机很容易访问地图、音乐、通信、语音操作、APP、燃油级别等,以及其它关键的引擎和操作功能。 不那么显而易见的是,英特尔为此所做的工作量是令人难以置信的,这些工作可以确保信息娱乐系统在最新的用于车载系统的Android*版本上很好地运行,以及英特尔® Go™ IVE车载平台如何让开发者和汽车制造商等都获得...
Android Things*开发者预览4支持英特尔® 500 系列计算模块上的Cordova*
Autor: Beare, Bruce J (Intel) Publicado em 01/06/17 0
最近,Google* 发布了Android Things开发者预览版4(DP4), Android Things是一款面向互联的、嵌入式设备开发的操作系统。DP4中加入了OpenGL和WebView的支持,可以运行在 英特尔®的500 系列计算模块上 。 OpenGL允许开发者构建和运行那些需要高级动画图形的应用程序,提供沉浸式和交互式的可视化应用程序支持,或以丰富的全新方式展示实时的性能数据。 WebView的支持是另外一大亮点,开发者现在可以应用Web环境工具编写和调试他们的Android Things图形用户界面。WebView组件是基于Chromium* 开源项目,并包含...
Out of the Box Network Developer Meetups are Now World Wide and Virtual
Autor: Sujata T. (Intel) Publicado em 01/06/17 0
Out of the Box Network Developer meetups are now active in four locations worldwide! Read about upcoming events, recent meetups and Innovator challenges, and how to participate remotely.
Attend the Global IoT DevFest and Help Develop Our Next IoT Innovators
Autor: GRACE METRI (Intel) Publicado em 31/05/17 0
Learn About the Latest Innovation in IoT and Volunteer as an Online Mentor at the Global IoT DevFest this Week!!  Intel employees are invited to take an active role in Global IoT DevFest, a virtual event for commercial and industrial IoT developers happening online June 2 and 3. In fact, you’re...
AI Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin: A Community Advocate in Kenya
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 30/05/17 0
Predicting the exact location of harmful weeds in Lake Victoria is a challenge but with Google Earth and wind data, Intel® Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin thinks he can help eradicate them.  Ngesa started his journey into technology with a single HTML coding book and library of inspirational hist...
From Microcontrollers to Machine Learning: Intel® Software Innovator Rendra Toro
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 25/05/17 0
CTO of OLX, the largest customer-to-customer resell platform in Indonesia, Rendra Toro is an Intel® Software Innovator interested in Internet of Things and Machine Learning. With a lifelong interest in computers and programming that he is passing on to his kids, Rendra shares with us how he got h...
Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks May 2017
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 22/05/17 0
Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. Virtual Reality (VR) is a popular theme this month so I’ve picked out a few to showcase here, along with a couple other projects that grabbed my interest. I hope you’ll join me in discove...