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Enabling vCPE with OpenStack* - Get Started
Autor: Emma F. (Intel) Publicado em 28/06/16 0
Network Function Virtualization (NFV) replaces existing networking appliances such as routers and switches, with virtualized, software-based implementations of these appliances running on standard high-volume servers (also known as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)). By leveraging NFV, ISPs can provide a virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) solution to reduce their overall operating and maintenance costs. In this blog, which is the first of a series of three, learn how it is possible for ISPs using OpenStack, to configure the vCPE remotely, adjusting the functionality to enable a customer’s changing networking and service needs.
Enabling vCPE with OpenStack* - Prepare the VNFs
Autor: Emma F. (Intel) Publicado em 28/06/16 0
This blog post, the second of a series of three, shows how to create images to emulate two types of virtual network functions (VNFs) when setting up virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) in OpenStack. The images being created are the bump-in-the-wire operation, such as frame-forwarding (L2 VNF), and software routing (L3 VNF).
Enabling vCPE with OpenStack* - Create the Networks
Autor: Emma F. (Intel) Publicado em 28/06/16 0
This blog post, the third in a series of three, shows how to create networks in OpenStack* that are backed by physical networks. This is used, for example, for virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) to provide additional functions between an Internet service provider (ISP) and customer.
Intel® Buzz Workshop comes back to Seattle for a 4th year in a row
Autor: Mitchell L. (Intel) Publicado em 28/06/16 0
When we started the Intel® Buzz Workshop series in 2013 the goal was to build community among local developers.  The first event was in the Seattle metro area, at the Intel office in Bellevue, WA.  For that first Buzz Workshop about 80 game devs, most of whom were friends of the Seattle based Int...
Getting a Microsoft Surface Book to work with SteamVR
Autor: Bob Duffy (Intel) Publicado em 28/06/16 0
Yes! I finally got my hands an HTC* Vive VR system. And then came the bad news. I don't have a PC that meets the minimum requirements. My best system, a Microsoft* Surface Book Core i7 with NVIDIA* GPU in the keyboard dock, does not qualify.  So before I got totally bummed I thought to myself, ...
Tencent Optimizes an Illegal Image Filtering System
Autor: Sally Sams Publicado em 27/06/16 0
Tencent, China's largest and most used Internet service portal, was able to double the speed of its illegal image filter system using SIMD Instruction Set and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives. And you can learn all about it in a new case study. For a large Internet service provider like...
Mesh Commander v0.2.3 Released
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 24/06/16 0
Yesterday we released Mesh Commander 0.2.3, an update to our premiere web based management console for Intel AMT. This time around we got a bunch of interesting new features and bug fixes. First, we have an improved installer with two more install options. You can now install Mesh Commander as ...
Autor: Suresh Kumar Gunasekaran Publicado em 24/06/16 0
SUMMARY: Pedometer is used to monitor the steps of human, dogs or any other we wish to use.This shows how to make a pedometer that counts a person’s steps. It uses a Xadow – Edison  Board, Xadow – OLED 0.96”, Xadow – 3-Axis Accelerometer and Xadow – Buzzer. The   OLED screen will display the st...
Simple obstacle avoidance Robot
Autor: Suresh Kumar Gunasekaran Publicado em 24/06/16 0
This project is about a simple obstacle avoiding robot using the Intel® Edison module.
Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for June
Autor: Vicky Carman (Intel) Publicado em 23/06/16 0
1. Who Will Be the Ultimate IoT Coder? The Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT is back. This time, competitors will be using cutting-edge IoT technologies, team-based competition, and innovation powered by the Intel® IoT Commercial Development Kit. 2. Smart Glasses to Help the Blind wit...