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Intel® Edison Board Now Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
Autor: Rick Puckett (Intel) Publicado em 24/09/15 0
The Internet of Things brings devices, sensors, data, and analytics services together to create a smarter interactive experience. With the Intel® Edison Board and the Intel® IoT Developer kit, developers already have hundreds of supported sensors and devices available that offer a great platform ...
A Guide to Optimization Techniques for the Intel® MIC Architecture
Autor: Iman Saleh (Intel) Publicado em 23/09/15 0
A 3-part educational series on Optimization Techniques for the Intel® MIC Architecture is provided by Colfax Research. The series focuses on select topics on optimization of applications for Intel’s multi-core and manycore architectures (Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors).
Application Developers Alliance Workshops on the Future of the Digital Enterprise
Autor: Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado em 23/09/15 0
The Application Developers Alliance, just announced a 3-city event series aimed at promoting cutting-edge enterprise technologies to increase datacenter operational efficiency, deliver multi-platform solutions, and maintain data security. The largest Internet players that build and run their own ...
Object.observe, Crosswalk and the Intel XDK
Autor: Dale Schouten (Intel) Publicado em 23/09/15 0
After my recent blog on Object.observe(), I of course tried it out in the XDK. It worked fine in the emulator (after clearing up a few typos) so I created an app and installed it on my phone. There I didn’t have as much luck. It didn’t do anything. So I tried it in the debugger with my phone ...
September 2015 Intel® XDK Update – Hello Cordova* 5!
Autor: jhwolf (Intel) Publicado em 23/09/15 0
We took a couple of measured steps to get this release to full Cordova 5 support. Debugging on-device is critical to getting fully functioning apps with Cordova plugins - something that is not easy to do because the app has to be built with the plugins first. We figured that out, and in July, started an Intel® XDK Early Access program where we released a new way of managing plugins and debugging and profiling apps with plugins. This was still based on Cordova 3 and 4. That release gave developers the ability to fetch the Cordova plugin into their project directory as soon as the plugin was selected. Then, the Intel XDK could build a debuggable version of the app with the selected plugins to allow you to install it on an Android device and test/debug it – with the plugins! Obviously, this was a major change to the way the Intel XDK handles plugins, so we released it only as part of the Intel XDK Early Access program.
Приступая к работе с технологией Intel® RealSense™
Autor: ALEXEY K. (Intel) Publicado em 23/09/15 0
Get started developing software for the Intel® RealSense™ SDK. This blog points you to all the resources you'll need.
Подключение камеры Intel® RealSense™ 3D к Intel® Edison — JavaScript
Autor: ALEXEY K. (Intel) Publicado em 23/09/15 0
With the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Cameras and SDK, we can create applications that can perform gesture detection, facial analysis, background segmentation, voice recognition, voice synthesis, and more. With the Intel® Edison platform IoT developer can build prototypes that gather sensor information or send control to other devices and create innovative products. In this article we will be using Intel® RealSense™ technology JavaScript Framework to send hand gesture data to server and server will send those data to trigger buzzer and led connected by Intel® Edison.
Improving Brain Research Worldwide through the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge
Autor: Roger Chandler (Intel) Publicado em 22/09/15 0
One of the ways we take our stewardship of Moore’s Law seriously at Intel is by sponsoring contests and challenges for the developer community. With the help of partners, we offer developers incentives and platforms that spur the advancement of technology, leading to new ways to make lives better and help real people. Also check out how the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community can help developers code for maximum performance on today’s and tomorrow’s hardware.
Object Observation Without Objection
Autor: Dale Schouten (Intel) Publicado em 22/09/15 0
I remember the first time I looked at C++, having been a C programmer for some time. There was a lot of stuff in there that seemed more complicated than it was worth (e.g. Templates) but some features were really handy. One of my favorites was function overloading, meaning, for example, that yo...
Autor: 世阳 张. Publicado em 22/09/15 0
 现在家庭中的电子娱乐设备屏幕较多,一般会有多个手机、平板、笔记本电脑、智能电视。这些电子屏幕满足的需求重点各不一样,因此它们的使用场景、操控方式也不尽相同。 传统的键盘鼠标操作、触屏操作、遥控器/游戏手柄操作,分别是各自使用情境下最适合的操控方式。 而新的技术新的摄像头技术加入,将会使互动和操作更加智能化;使得电子设备不仅仅是个产品,还能提供更加人性化的服务。   操控方式 上图从左到右,从设备本身的物理属性、使用环境,引出使用情境的不同。而使用情境,对于选择合适的输入操控方式有着决定性的影响。   屏幕大小是物理固有属性,最基础、影响最直观。不同大小的屏幕会被自然选...