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Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular IoT Developer Stories
Autor: Carman, Vicky (Intel) Publicado em 22/06/17 0
Learn how to make your systems smarter with a new developer kit and more this month.
Understanding Your Business in Real Time: Creating a Commercial Internet of Things Deployment Video Series
Autor: Daniel H. (Intel) Publicado em 21/06/17 0
The Internet of things is providing new ways of creating data about everyday objects and interacting with everyday objects over the network. Business, schools, NGOs, and organizations of all types will benefit from understanding how to build their own Internet of Things network. Many people hear...
Intel® Software Innovator Arturo Jamaica: Making a Difference, One App at a Time
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 19/06/17 0
Android* application developer and Intel® Software Innovator Arturo Jamaica explains what got him interested in mobile apps and the work he is currently doing. Based in Mexico, Arturo was one of our top Innovators of 2016 and as his Twitter profile states, he believes in making a difference, one ...
Face It - Week 4 Update
Autor: Pallab P. Publicado em 19/06/17 0
Face It is a mobile application that detects a person's facial structure as well as information about the person’s lifestyle and current trends, and utilizing that data, recommends the user a hair/beard style. For this Early Innovation Project, our goal is to have the user scan his face to det...
Looking forward to Cyber Week
Autor: Ricardo Echevarria (Intel) Publicado em 19/06/17 0
I look forward, with great anticipation, to engaging with some of the best cyber security industry innovators at Cyber Week 2017 in Tel Aviv later this month (June 25-29).  This year’s conference comes at a time when the industry is increasingly challenged. Data breaches are commonplace.  But ...
Metal Minds
Autor: Carman, Vicky (Intel) Publicado em 18/06/17 0
This is the last Metal Minds blog! Find out how you can still stay informed through the new newsletter.
MeshCentral2 - Linux and MicroLMS
Autor: Ylian S. (Intel) Publicado em 16/06/17 0
MeshCentral2 development is moving forward at a swift pace and this week, there was plenty more going on. In my view, MeshCentral2 is probably the easiest way to setup your own open source remote device management web site. it is still in beta, and easily available on the NPM site. I am updatin...
Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks June 2017
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 15/06/17 0
Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. Internet of Things (IoT) is the main theme this month. All of these projects use sensors to send and receive data in ways to enhance or improve our way of life. I hope you’ll join me in g...
Pueden Desarrolladores de Video Juegos y Revendedores de PC Hacer Mas Para Ayudarse a Crecer?
Autor: Victor Lopez (Intel) Publicado em 15/06/17 0
Los desarrolladores de juegos trabajan duro para colocar sus títulos frente a los jugadores, inmediatamente después de su lanzamiento. Un nuevo título generalmente llega a su máximo precio de venta durante los primeros meses, pero las ventas promocionales son una práctica común para aumentar la...
The Best of Modern Code | June
Autor: Carman, Vicky (Intel) Publicado em 15/06/17 0
Snapshot your performance and improve your code! Find out this and more this month.