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CyberSeek is the Cybersecurity Career Site Needed by Job Seekers
Autor: Rosenquist, Matthew L Publicado em 11/11/16 0
U.S Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) has created a free interactive online website, CyberSeek, to help cybersecurity job seekers understand opportunities, find openings, and develop a plan for career advancement.  Globally, the cybersecurity field is w...
Code Modernization: Powering Scientific Discovery and Fostering Innovation Globally at CERN (Part 1)
Autor: Russ Beutler (Intel) Publicado em 10/11/16 0
An Interview with Maria Girone, CTO, CERN openlab  Intel recently talked to CERN openlab CTO Maria Girone to discuss how CERN and Intel work together to deliver improvements in processing speed, sometimes by factors, and how that impacts CERN’s research on the basic constituents of matter. Part ...
Innovation Summit 2016, Part 2: The Challenge
Autor: Taylor IoT Kidd Publicado em 10/11/16 0
I’ve got a little more information on the Challenge. As I said in my last blog, Intel Innovator’s Summit 2016, Part 1, we have a toy car run by a Intel® Joule™ Module. We are also provided with a screen, keyboard and Wi-Fi connection. We do not have a remote so the car has to have some mechanism ...
Project Alloy: 面向游戏开发人员的信息
Autor: Mitchell L. (Intel) Publicado em 09/11/16 0
在今年 8 月于旧金山举行的 2016 年英特尔信息技术峰会上,英特尔宣布了 Project Alloy - 一款一体化虚拟现实解决方案。  自此以后,游戏开发人员一直向我打听消息,了解他们如何参与相关的开发工作。  而我只掌握了有限的信息,可能并不比你们多,但我会将所知信息如数告知。   Alloy 平台使用针对 VR 用途优化的英特尔实感技术,可提供一系列新的沉浸式体验 – 被称为融合现实 (merged reality)。  目前,该平台正处于内部设计阶段,可能将于 2017 年提供给开发人员使用。   如需查看官方新闻公告,请访问:
Intel Software Guard Extensions Tutorial Series update: a new SDK version and a brief intermission
Autor: John M. (Intel) Publicado em 09/11/16 0
An update to the Windows version of the Intel Software Guard Extensions SDK was just posted to the Developer Zone. This new release, version 1.7, adds Visual Studio Professional 2015 Update 3 to the list of supported Microsoft IDE's and the Intel SGX Tutorial Series will take a brief break to ret...
Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT: What Is Team Whirlwind Up to Now?
Autor: Joe W. Publicado em 08/11/16 0
Team Whirlwind Takes Autonomous Cars to the Next Level Now that the eight-week Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT is complete, teams continue developing and expanding their projects into the commercial sector. Key to this progress is the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, which streamlines the path ...
PresentMonLauncher - DX12/Vulkan 性能指标评测
Autor: Andrew M. Publicado em 07/11/16 0
简单自我介绍一下,我是来自 TechteamGB 的 Andrew。 我主办了一个提供有关 PC 硬件游戏端信息的 Youtube 技术频道,在其中评论了一些出色的产品,包括英特尔 Skylake 和 Broadwell-E CPU。 如果您对硬件感兴趣,请访问这个频道。 英特尔发布的 PresentMon 是一款出色的程序,支持基于 ETW 的 FPS 和帧时间监控,尤其是对于 DX12/UWP/Vulkan 游戏性能指标评测,而 FRAPS 等应用并不支持这些功能。 它是一个命令行界面,对于技术“白痴”操作起来较为复杂,尤其是用于通过 CD 访问正确的目录,键入正确的参数,包括...
See Why Vertigo Software* Recommends Intel® Core™ i7 Processors for their VR game Arizona Sunshine
Autor: Josh Bancroft (Intel) Publicado em 07/11/16 0
Learn what advanced features the developers of upcoming VR title Arizona Sunshine were able to add to the game if you have an Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (hint: it involves dismembering zombies).
The Fab Five: Game Dev Zone Content | November
Autor: Carman, Vicky Publicado em 07/11/16 0
Top Game Development content for November includes Open GL tips, ideas for building games for VR and how one company topped the charts using Intel technology.
Intel Innovator’s Summit 2016, Part 1
Autor: Taylor IoT Kidd Publicado em 04/11/16 0
I am participating in the Intel Innovator’s Summit come November 14th in Seattle. One of the hacking projects will be with the Intel Joule kit, a toy car holding our favorite animated characters along with a Real-sense camera. The summit promises to be a lot of fun. First and foremost: The team ...