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Meshcentral & Commander at IDF2015
Autor: ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Publicado em 18/08/15 0
A quick note to say that my team has excellent representation & location at IDF this year. If you are at IDF and want to know what we are doing with platform manageability, Intel® AMT or many other technologies our group is working on, please stop by. We are located on the 2th floor on top of the escalators. Not only are the technologies being shown, but often times the people that work on this technology day-to-day are also present making it a fun and interesting experience.
What Resources Are Available to Developers Using Intel® INDE?
Autor: Varsha M. (Intel) Publicado em 18/08/15 0
New to Intel® Integrated Native Develop Experience (also called Intel® INDE)? Are you confused as to what is available and how it can help you? INDE is a cross-platform productivity suite, which provides developers many resources and tools to develop, debug and optimize their applications, while achieving native performance and look-and-feel. In this article, we will introduce the components of INDE and show how developers can use them to create new applications and optimize existing applications. To start with Intel® INDE provides support for IDE integration.
Intel® USB Driver for Android* Devices that Supports Windows 10 is Here
Autor: Tao Wang (Intel) Publicado em 18/08/15 0
The new Intel Android* USB Driver package 1. 10.0 that supports Windows* 10 is available for download at the Intel Developer Zone. It enables you to connect your Windows*-based machine to your Android* device that contains an Intel® Atom™ processor inside. This includes the latest Intel® Atom™ x3 and x5 processor families (SoFIA devices are not supported in this version) and supported host systems with Windows* 10 (32/64-bit) and Android devices including those with Android* 5.x – Lollipop.
Streamlining the Path to Product at the Intel® Developer Forum 2015
Autor: Bill Pearson (Intel) Publicado em 18/08/15 0
This year at IDF15 you'll hear about all the latest updates around the Intel® IoT Developer Program! It's a comprehensive program for makers, hobbyists, as well as commercial developers that offers knowledge, tools, kits and a community of experts to quickly turn your innovative ideas into commercial IoT solutions. To understand our vision and how to rapidly go from prototype to production, check out the Fast, Flexible, and Scalable Path to Commercial IoT Solutions. At IDF there will be lots of activities sharing the latest from the IoT landscape. Here’s what you can expect this year:
2015 Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest – And the Winners Are:
Autor: Mitchell Lum (Intel) Publicado em 16/08/15 0
The Intel® Level Up contest winners amaze and inspire us every year, and this year’s winners have done it again! Computer game genres are heavily blurred as the winning entries also include a 2D point-and-click horror adventure, a shooter/musical/puzzle mix, and not one but two shooter/tower defense games. Winners include entries from Canada, Russia, Poland, Singapore, Australia, and the United States. Game devs submitted their not-yet-for-sale (on PC or Linux) playable proofs-of-concept, alphas, betas, and unreleased demos for a chance to win cash prizes and ultimately be published on Steam*. So here are the champions!
Intel’s Big Data Solutions Team Goes Open Source
Autor: Mark C. Publicado em 14/08/15 0
Starting today, the Big Data Solutions engineering team at Intel is excited to announce a move from developing almost exclusively internally to doing the majority of our development, documentation and issue tracking in public repositories on
All About GearPump, the Real-Time Big Data Streaming Engine Behind Intel®’s Latest Open Source Projects
Autor: Kam K. (Intel) Publicado em 14/08/15 0
GearPump was created at Intel®, growing out of real time streaming engine requirement that we wanted to compliment Apache Hadoop* with. At the time GearPump started (June 2014) Spark and other frameworks like Flink were just beginning to get popular. There was also a growing consensus amongst a number of ‘Big Data’ developers that akka / scala provided the tooling to build these types of systems. Most recently we’ve been talking with Typesafe (creators of akka) to collaborate on GearPump and akka-streams which is Typesafe’s reactive framework. We’re very excited about a joint roadmap with this key company.
Three Attributes of the Discovery Peak Platform Have My Data Scientist Blood Pumping
Autor: Bob R. Publicado em 14/08/15 0
This new platform code-name Discovery Peak frees me from those dependencies by exposing a highly flexible set of interfaces that I can use to access data sources and analysis tools. Most of the tools I need, such as an iPython or R interface, message queues, data stores and machine learning libraries are already “loaded” and ready to bind into my resulting application. When I do need help from an application developer, we are working in a common framework, so collaboration is easy and immediate. As a result, when my models are ready, my scoring application is straightforward to deploy and update into production environment.
Building More Valuable Solutions as App Deployment, Data and Analytics Come Together
Autor: Chuck F. Publicado em 14/08/15 0
Intel® this week has open-sourced a trusted analytics platform codenamed “Discovery Peak”, which aims to deliver a broad set of features to developers. Building apps on top of “Discovery Peak” will ensure apps can scale, be secured, be rapidly re-staged and easily incorporate a multitude of available services.
Connecting Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera With the Intel® Edison - JavaScript
Autor: Aulia Faqih Publicado em 13/08/15 0
With the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Cameras and SDK, we can create applications that can perform gesture detection, facial analysis, background segmentation, voice recognition, voice synthesis, and more. With the Intel® Edison platform IoT developer can build prototypes that gather sensor information or send control to other devices and create innovative products. In this article we will be using Intel® RealSense™ technology JavaScript Framework to send hand gesture data to server and server will send those data to trigger buzzer and led connected by Intel® Edison.