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Out of the Box Network Developer Meetups are Now World Wide and Virtual
Autor: Sujata T. (Intel) Publicado em 01/06/17 0
Out of the Box Network Developer meetups are now active in four locations worldwide! Read about upcoming events, recent meetups and Innovator challenges, and how to participate remotely.
Attend the Global IoT DevFest and Help Develop Our Next IoT Innovators
Autor: GRACE METRI (Intel) Publicado em 31/05/17 0
Learn About the Latest Innovation in IoT and Volunteer as an Online Mentor at the Global IoT DevFest this Week!!  Intel employees are invited to take an active role in Global IoT DevFest, a virtual event for commercial and industrial IoT developers happening online June 2 and 3. In fact, you’re...
AI Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin: A Community Advocate in Kenya
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 30/05/17 0
Predicting the exact location of harmful weeds in Lake Victoria is a challenge but with Google Earth and wind data, Intel® Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin thinks he can help eradicate them.  Ngesa started his journey into technology with a single HTML coding book and library of inspirational hist...
From Microcontrollers to Machine Learning: Intel® Software Innovator Rendra Toro
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 25/05/17 0
CTO of OLX, the largest customer-to-customer resell platform in Indonesia, Rendra Toro is an Intel® Software Innovator interested in Internet of Things and Machine Learning. With a lifelong interest in computers and programming that he is passing on to his kids, Rendra shares with us how he got h...
Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks May 2017
Autor: Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado em 22/05/17 0
Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. Virtual Reality (VR) is a popular theme this month so I’ve picked out a few to showcase here, along with a couple other projects that grabbed my interest. I hope you’ll join me in discove...
Intel Software Innovators Shine at Intel's Google I/O Day Zero Party
Autor: Wendy B. (Intel) Publicado em 22/05/17 0
Intel's Google I/O Day Zero Party is a can't miss event traditionally held the night before Google IO in May. This annual Intel developer networking event is aimed towards the Google ecosystem as well as developers who may be expanding into new segments (automotive, wearables, IoT, etc.). Held in...
The Best of Modern Code | May
Autor: Carman, Vicky (Intel) Publicado em 22/05/17 0
Can we take old technology, rethink it, and make something new? Find out this month.
2017全球物联网开发者节(Global IoT DevFest)— 6月2日-4日
Autor: Xin Ye (Intel) Publicado em 21/05/17 0
Intel Enables Android* to Deliver Leading In-Vehicle Experiences
Autor: Imad S. (Intel) Publicado em 18/05/17 0
This week, developers and others at Google I/O are getting an advance look at Volvo’s full-featured infotainment platform that will be in their next generation of connected cars. For those lucky enough to get behind the wheel, it’s easy to see and appreciate the power and simplicity of the awes...
Welcome to the NEW Student Developer Zone
Autor: Singh, Niven (Intel) Publicado em 17/05/17 0
Exciting news – We recently launched the newly updated Intel Student Developer Zone! As you may have heard, as part of the Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy, we are working to bring access to newly optimized frameworks and technologies, hands-on training, and workshops to students, data scientists, a...