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MeshCommander v0.4.2 released

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Missteps in Securing Autonomous Vehicles

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Recently an autonomous car company highlighted some plans to keep their vehicles safe from hacking. Yet their plans won’t actually make them secure. Such gaffs highlight issues across many different industries where cybersecurity is not sufficiently understood by manufacturers to deliver products...

Spora Adds a Wretched New Feature to Ransomware

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Spora, a new ransomware variant recently discovered, has emerged with advanced features which will cause problems for security solutions working to protect against this type of malware. 

Metal Minds

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Deep Learning, DNN Primitives, Theano* and more this month.

Neutron Quality of Service in OpenStack

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Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the overall performance of a network and is used in telephony and computer networks to describe the customer’s experience with the network. The most straightforward way of guaranteeing a good quality of service to the end user is to over provision the network.

Resetting the lowest n set bits

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Already a couple of years ago, the Bit Manipulation Instruction Set 1 (BMI1) introduced the instruction BLSR, which resets the lowest bit that is set. (The corresponding intrinsic _blsr_u32/64 wraps this instruction with some nice C/C++ function call syntax.) However, what are your options when you...

Security Innovation Must Effectively Address Cyber Risks

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Intel & Hardware-based Security

Cyber Risks Compound with Technology Adoption

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Just how reliant are we on computing infrastructure?  Sometimes it takes just a little outage to get a taste of the interwoven dependency we don’t readily see. Lines of Travelers

Filter by Host Aggregate Metadata or by Image Extra Specs

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Motivation Cloud Management systems, like OpenStack, were designed from scratch to take the control of a group of homogeneous nodes and, on top of that, build a complex infrastructure of virtual machines interconnected with a mixed virtual and physical network. Over time, more and more systems...