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PHP - the right tool for the job?

24 de setembro de 2015 | 0 comentários

Today there is a profusion of computer languages targeted at different activities. It's important to choose the right one. A lot of programmers love Python because it's so fast to implement stuff, but it can be a pain to use to create a simple website. PHP is the most popular choice for...

Key Game SDK Support for x86

24 de setembro de 2015 | 2 comentários

As the capabilities of mobile platforms improve, fascinating and realistic games are possible and more in demand. But there are many aspects to developing a successful game: you need to address details like graphics, physics, and audio. A wide range of frameworks are available that can help you...

Building with the Intel® IoT Commercial Developer Kit

24 de setembro de 2015 | 0 comentários

There may be some in our audience that have worked with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit. These kit is based on off the shelf hardware like the Intel® Galileo Board, and a Grove Sensor Kit by Seeed Studios*. They work on Yocto* Project Linux and are great as an introduction to the world of IoT. There...

Which Intel® IoT Gateway is Right for You?

24 de setembro de 2015 | 0 comentários

We get asked many times about how to choose the right gateway for a given need. There are a variety of manufacturers that have designs based on several industry verticals. But it still comes down to, how do I choose the right one? The first thing we suggest is to look at your project and the...

Intel® Edison Board Now Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT

24 de setembro de 2015 | 1 comentário

Intel and Microsoft teams have been working together to ensure that IoT developers using the Intel® Edison Board can rapidly build cloud-connected IoT solutions using the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. Through testing and verification against the Azure IoT SDK, the Intel® Edison Board is now Microsoft...

A Guide to Optimization Techniques for the Intel® MIC Architecture

23 de setembro de 2015 | 0 comentários

A 3-part educational series on Optimization Techniques for the Intel® MIC Architecture is provided by Colfax Research. The series focuses on select topics on optimization of applications for Intel’s multi-core and manycore architectures (Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors).

Application Developers Alliance Workshops on the Future of the Digital Enterprise

23 de setembro de 2015 | 0 comentários

The Application Developers Alliance, just announced a 3-city event series aimed at promoting cutting-edge enterprise technologies to increase datacenter operational efficiency, deliver multi-platform solutions, and maintain data security. The largest Internet players that build and run their own...

Object.observe, Crosswalk and the Intel XDK

23 de setembro de 2015 | 0 comentários

After my recent blog on Object.observe(), I of course tried it out in the XDK. It worked fine in the emulator (after clearing up a few typos) so I created an app and installed it on my phone. There I didn’t have as much luck. It didn’t do anything. So I tried it in the debugger with my phone...

September 2015 Intel® XDK Update – Hello Cordova* 5!

23 de setembro de 2015 | 1 comentário

We took a couple of measured steps to get this release to full Cordova 5 support. Debugging on-device is critical to getting fully functioning apps with Cordova plugins - something that is not easy to do because the app has to be built with the plugins first. We figured that out, and in July,...

Improving Brain Research Worldwide through the Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge

22 de setembro de 2015 | 0 comentários

One of the ways we take our stewardship of Moore’s Law seriously at Intel is by sponsoring contests and challenges for the developer community. With the help of partners, we offer developers incentives and platforms that spur the advancement of technology, leading to new ways to make lives better...