Destroy The Castle - OpenMP*

This version of Destroy the Castle was created to show how to parallel such a game application using OpenMP* Tasks. The project is built using Intel® Parallel Studio Composer compiler.

There are three activities to follow to complete the parallelization. The first activity places an omp parallel & single region in WinMain. The second activity places omp task & omp taskwait clauses at appropriate points to allow the Physics, AI, & Particles to be computed in parallel. The third activity replaces one of the omp taskwaits in OnFrameMove with a block of WaitForSingleObject calls that wait on signals to indicate completion of various tasks.

The demo is a modification of the original demo created by Intel Engineers: Scott Crabtree, Jonathan Story, Spencer Boomhower, Eric Reinhart, Leigh Davies. The OpenPM parallelization method was completed by Bob Chesebrough

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