This topic lists alternate names for compiler options and show the primary option name. Some of the alternate option names are deprecated and may be removed in future releases.

For more information on compiler options, see the detailed descriptions of the individual, primary options.

Some of these options are deprecated. For more information, see Deprecated and Removed Options.

Alternate Linux* and macOS* Options

Primary Option Name

Code Generation:





Advanced Optimizations:





Profile Guided Optimization (PGO):



OpenMP* and Parallel Processing Options:



Output, Debug, Precompiled Header (PCH):


-debug variable-locations


-debug semantic-stepping

Linking or Linker:






Alternate Windows* Options

Primary Option Name

OpenMP* and Parallel Processing Options:



Floating Point:



Para obter informações mais completas sobre otimizações do compilador, consulte nosso aviso de otimização.