To access the Code Coverage Settings dialog box, choose the Settings button in the Code Coverage dialog box. Use the Code Coverage Settings dialog box to specify settings for the generated report.

Code Coverage options

Ignore Object Unwind Handlers: Set to True to ignore the object unwind handlers.

Show Execution Counts: Set to True to show the dynamic execution counts in the report.

Treat Partially-covered Code As Fully Covered Code: Set to True to treat partially covered code as fully covered code.

Profmerge options

Dump Profile Information: Set to True to include profile information in the report.

Exclude Functions: Enter the functions that will be excluded from the profile. The functions must be separated by a comma (","). A period (".") can be used as a wildcard character in function names.

OK: Click to save your settings and close this dialog box.

Cancel: Click to discard the settings and close this dialog box.

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