Routines for allocating memory for an mt19937 engine and initializing with one or multiple seeds


svrng_engine_t svrng_new_mt19937_engine( uint32_t seed )

svrng_engine_t svrng_new_mt19937_engine_ex( int num, uint32_t *pseed )

Input Parameters


Initial condition for the engine.


Number of initialization values for the extended routine. num>=0. See VSL Notes for further details on extended initialization of the mt19937 engine.


Pointer to an array with initialization values for the extended routine.


The svrng_new_mt19937_engine function allocates memory for the mt19937 engine (from C++ 11 standard) and initializes it using one seed value. The extended version of the function, svrng_new_mt19937_engine_ex, accepts several values for complex initialization cases. Because the mt19937 engine has 19937 bits of state in memory, its initialization differs from the other engines. See the Notes for Intel® MKL Vector Statistics document for detailed information on this engine.

Status flags set




Memory allocation failure


Bad parameter: num


Bad parameter: pseed

Return Values

A pointer to an initialized engine or NULL on error.

Application Notes

The mt19937 is a Mersenne Twister pseudo-random generator of 32-bit numbers with a state size of 19937 bits that is a modification of twisted generalized feedback shift register generator. Range: [0,MAX), where MAX = 232.

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