This guide contains background information and steps to create applications for your Internet of Things (IoT) board using the Intel® XDK. The Intel XDK, part of the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, lets you create and run Node.js* applications directly on Intel-based IoT platforms. This edition of Intel® XDK also provides templates for creating new applications and offers the possibility of remotely debugging your application and running it from your own desktop.

Developers do not need to use the Intel XDK, but it’s a great tool to have. For example, since the Intel® Galileo board is intended to run IoT projects, its processing power is somewhat limited. Using the Intel XDK allows bigger or more complex projects to take advantage of a more powerful processor to run a complete developer environment.

For an introduction and steps to get started creating applications with the Intel XDK, see the following:

Getting started with the Intel® XDK

Get started with the Intel XDK with steps to connect your IoT board to the application, create a project from a sample template, and run it. This section also covers modifying and debugging code.

Creating projects: Templates and example projects

This section contains an overview of the project templates and sample code available for the Intel XDK.

Adding sensors and actuators

See this section for an introduction to adding sensors and actuators to your project and finding example code for compatible sensors.

Working with your device in the Intel® XDK

See this section for a general overview of common tasks, like connecting to your board, updating software libraries, and setting project configuration options.

Intel® XDK Troubleshooting and FAQ

This section contains troubleshooting information for common tasks, such as connecting your board to the Intel XDK and addressing common error messages.

For an overview of the Projects tab, including the types of projects available, see Projects Overview. For general steps to create, import, and manage projects, see Create, Import, and Manage Intel® XDK Projects. For release notes, see Release Notes - Intel® XDK


For the Intel® Edison board

For the Intel® Galileo board

  • A system with Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux
  • You have assembled and connected your Intel® Galileo board. See the steps for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Make sure that you follow the steps to create a bootable SD card with the latest Yocto*-built Linux image from the Intel® IoT Developer Kit. This step is necessary to use the libraries needed to work with the Intel XDK.

For supported gateways

See Getting Started with Intel® IoT Gateways with Intel® IoT Developer Kit 3.5 for steps to set up your gateway device.

For the Intel® Joule™ development platform

For detailed steps to set up your Intel® Joule™ development platform to connect to the Intel XDK, see the Intel® Joule™ Module User Guide.


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