Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 35, January 2019

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  • Letter from the Editor: Happy New Year...and May 2019 Bring You High Performance by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Intel® Rendering Framework Using Software-Defined Visualization by Rob Farber, Global Technology Consultant, TechEnablement
    Why Intel® Xeon® processors excel at visualization
  • Unifying AI, Analytics, and HPC on a Single Cluster by Allene Bhasker and Keith Mannthey, Solution Architects, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation
    Maximizing efficiency and lowering costs for tomorrow's enterprise
  • Advancing OpenCL™ for FPGAs by Martin C. Herbordt, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University
    Boosting performance with Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ software technology
  • Parallelism in Python* by David Liu, Software Technical Consulting Engineer, and Anton Malakhov, Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Dispelling the myths with tools to achieve parallelism
  • Remove Memory Bottlenecks Using Intel® Advisor by Kevin O’Leary and Alex Shinsel, Technical Consulting Engineers, Intel Corporation
    Understanding how your program is accessing memory helps you get more from your hardware
  • MPI-3 Non-Blocking I/O Collectives in Intel® MPI Library by Nitya Hariharan, Amarpal Singh Kapoor, and Rama Kishan Malladi, Technical Marketing Engineers, Core and Visual Computing Group, Intel Corporation; Md Vasimuddin, Research Scientist, Parallel Computing Lab, Intel Labs
    Speeding up I/O for HPC applications

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