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Network Boot in a Zero-Trust Environment

Network boot is commonly used for everything from booting thin clients to using IT automation for bare-metal provisioning. Unfortunately, most network boot infrastructure is based on outdated standards encryption or authentication. This presents...

A Kerberos*-Based Big Data Security Solution

Publicado em 6 de agosto de 2018, atualizado em 25 de julho de 2019Por Jiajia Li

The Hadoop* Authentication Service helped Alibaba* improve the quality, performance and TCO of its cloud user identity information management system.

Showcasing Innovations for Digital Transformation with VMware*

Publicado em 12 de setembro de 2018, atualizado em 24 de julho de 2019Por Victor L.

VMware and Intel showcase software-defined datacenter innovations for cloud and enterprise developers.

green man gaming window

Green Man Gaming* and Intel Help PC Game Developers Grow

Publicado em 13 de setembro de 2017, atualizado em 16 de julho de 2019Por Patrick Defreitas

We feature how Green Man Gaming works with the Intel® GameDev Program to help indie developers like you to Get Ready, Get Noticed, and Get Big.

GameDev Partners Get a BOOST with Intel

Intel partners with game devs to optimize development and to help reach new users. Read one expert's ideas on promoting your new games.

Intel® Security Essentials: A Built-in Foundation with Security at the Core

Publicado em 16 de abril de 2018, atualizado em 16 de julho de 2019Por Lorie W.

To protect platforms and data, and enable developers to build more trusted applications, Intel® Security Essentials offers a framework of hardware.