Purchase, Renewal, and Upgrade FAQ


Do you offer free products?

Intel offers certain products for free to students, educators, and open-source contributors. For more information, see the Free Software FAQ.

Is an academic license the same as a student or educator license?

No, these licenses are not the same. Academic licenses are considered paid licenses, similar to standard commercial licenses. Student or educator licenses are free. For more information, see the Free Software FAQ.

When will support for my product end and will that cause my product to stop working?

When you purchase an Intel® Software Development Product, you are entitled to product updates and customer support through the Online Service Center, typically for one year. Product support expires at the end of that period, but your product will continue to function normally, with the following caveats:

  • After support expiration, you will not be able to download, install, or use product versions with build dates that are later than the date of your support expiration. You will still be able to access versions that were built prior to expiration.
  • You will no longer receive customer support for issues not related to downloading, licensing, registration, signing up, or certain types of installation problems (assistance with these issues is available to everyone regardless of support status).

Support expiration is not the same as a product no longer functioning, which is called product expiration and does not apply to paid licenses.

Extend your support period by renewing your license.

What is the difference between a renewal, an upgrade, and an update?

A product update is when a new version of a product is released. Anyone with active support for the appropriate product will be able to download, install, and use the new version. No changes to your license file or serial number are required to use an update—simply install the new version of the product.

A renewal is when the support period on a license is extended. The serial number for the product remains the same, but the expiration date within the license file is changed. Therefore, you need to ensure that the license file on your system gets correctly replaced. You do not need to keep the old, expired version of the license file once the new version is in place.

A product upgrade is a relatively rare event in which an entirely new serial number is granted, typically (but not always) for free, and the old serial number is deactivated. These events occur when changes to the license are required, such as:

  • When a new version of a product has a new feature code added to the license. Customers with active support will be offered a free upgrade.
  • When Intel makes changes to the licensing model. Customers with active support will be offered a free upgrade.
  • When a product is approaching its end-of-life date. Existing customers with active support may be offered free upgrades to a different product to replace it.
  • When a promotional offer is made to allow customers with active support a discounted upgrade to a superior edition of their product with additional capabilities.

Support Expiration Details

What to Do after Renewal

How can I get email notifications (or avoid them) when updates are available?

To choose whether to receive email notifications, edit your profile on the Registration Center. Sign in to your account, and then select Profile. At the bottom of the page, under Notification Preferences, choose your notification preference, and then save your changes.


Who to Contact

Where can I find pricing information?

To find a reseller and get pricing information, see Intel® Software Products resellers. To find renewal pricing options, use the Support Renewal Options tool.

I have purchased or renewed the wrong product or am otherwise having issues with the purchase or renewal itself. How can I fix this issue?

If you purchased or renewed your product through a reseller, contact your reseller directly.

If you purchased or renewed your product through the Intel® Web Store, contact them directly:
Email: intelsoftwarestore@ispfulfillment.com
Phone: 1-800-599-4285

If you cannot resolve the issue directly with your reseller or the Intel Web Store, visit our Get Help page for all support options.

I only know my purchase order. How do I find out what my serial number is?

Contact your reseller. They will be able to use the purchase order to identify your serial number.

How can I get an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for my Intel® Software Development Products? When would I need one?

When shipping a compiler from Intel, a redistributable library, or other Intel® Software Development Product, you need a current ECCN for that product. Classification numbers can change over time, so don’t assume that the number you used six months ago is the number to use today.

To get the current ECCN, do the following:

  1. Email intelsoftwarestore@ispfulfillment.com
  2. Include the full product name and version
    Example: Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2019 Composer Edition for C++ Linux*
  3. The ECCN and Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) will be emailed to you.

Disclaimer: The ECCN provided is Intel Corporation’s opinion of the proper classification for the product today (based on the original software or original hardware). Classifications are subject to change. Under the U.S. Export Regulations, the U.S. Government assigns your organization or client as the exporter or importer of records with the responsibility to determine the correct classification of any item at the time of export or import.



I have multiple users. What type of license should I get, and how many do I need?

You can choose from two types of licenses:

  • A named-user license, which is for one person only and may not be shared with another user. It can be used on multiple machines and does not require a license server.
  • A floating license, which may be shared among any number of users. This type of license has a set number of seats that can be checked out simultaneously from a license server. You can have multiple floating licenses on the same server to accommodate the total number of seats you need.

When purchasing licenses for a large organization, you will likely want floating licenses rather than named-user licenses. To help you determine how many floating license seats you need, refer to this article.

Can I purchase products in volume?

The volume program for Intel® Software Development Products is no longer available.

Can I purchase an older version of an Intel® Software Development Product?

When you purchase one of our software development products, you are not purchasing any particular version, old or new. Instead, you receive access to the current version of the product and every previous version that is still available. You also receive access to any new versions that are released until your support expires.

How to Download and Install Older Versions

Support Expiration Details



Why do my serial numbers that are up for renewal appear out of sequence?

Serial numbers are listed by registration date, while renewals are listed by the serial number’s old support expiration date, since it is an extension of the support period. These dates may not necessarily be correlated. Extension is time-based and the product version does not matter. It is highly recommended that you register all the serial numbers you have purchased so that they all appear in your registered products list.

Should I renew my license or buy a new one? What are my renewal options?

Intel offers deeply discounted renewal prices of Intel® Software Development Products, which extends your support period to ensure uninterrupted access to product support and updates. Choose from:

  • Pre-Expiry Date Renewal. Renew before the end of your current support period to take advantage of an exceptionally low price. This also extends your support for one full year from the current expiration date.
  • Post-Expiry Date Renewal. Available for purchase for up to one year after your support period expires. The discount is substantial but not as much as if you renew prior to expiration. This extends your support for one full year from the date on which you purchased the renewal.

If you wait more than a year after your product’s support expiration date, you may no longer extend your support. If you want continued support at that time, you will have to repurchase the product.

To help you make the best choice about support extension options and available upgrades, use the Support Renewal Option tool.

Where can I purchase a license renewal to extend my support?

Choose from the following options:

  • To purchase a support extension for your product, visit the Intel® Web Store
  • If you purchased your license from a reseller, contact them to make your purchase.

For options on extending support, use the Support Renewal Option tool.

When does my renewed support period start and when does it end?

A pre-expiry renewal extends your support one year from the product expiration date. A post-expiry renewal extends your support one year from the date you renewed the product.

Additionally, promotional upgrades extend your support to one year from the upgrade date; normal product upgrades do not extend your support.

Note You must ensure that the license files on your system are correctly replaced once your support has been extended. You can replace the license files on your system automatically using Intel® Software Manager or replace them manually. You do not need to keep the old, expired version of the license file once the new one is in place.

Do I need to do anything else after purchasing a renewal?

You need to make sure that you have the newest license file on your system. If the serial number was already activated, new license files are automatically generated in our database. They are sent to you by email and can also be downloaded from the Registration Center.

You can replace the license files on your system automatically using Intel® Software Manager or replace them manually. You do not need to keep the old, expired version of the license file once the new one is in place.