Just Released! New Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta

Just Released! New Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta

Accelerate computer vision solutions for autonomous vehicles, smart cameras, robotics, and image processing with the new Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta.

  • Use optimized functions to increase computer vision performance across Intel® platforms
  • Add custom kernels into workloads (i.e. media/image processing, computer vision routines, feature extraction/tracking, OpenCL™, etc.)
  • Innovate solutions with computer vision and neural network inference 


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Is there a version of Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta​ for Windows?  This release Is Linux only


I checked the documentation but I didn't find any mention of Intel Joule. The documentation says it supports Next-Generation Intel Atom® processors

Is it safe to download and install on Intel Joule?


The first release is Linux only.  Windows is coming in a future release -- you can watch for info on this forum.

Joule isn't officially supported yet, but support should be added in a future release too.  From testing I'm aware of basic smoke tests work with Ubuntu but there are some known issues (with fixes on the way) for Joule Ref-OS.


I'm running Ubuntu on Intel Joule. I must say I'm somewhat disappointed. Intel Joule was launched a few months ago, it was supposed to be a great platform for computer vision on IoT projects and it is not supported in this release.


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