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        I use to write my code in FORTRAN and build GUI using 3rd party software named 'Winteracter' which is an amazing piece of software coded in 'C++' but designed to FORTRAN users. Now, I have to write some numerical code to CFD and I can't use FORTRAN, since there are no interfaces and  it is not possible to write them, because the libraries are huge. So, what brings me to this forum is quit simple. Which toolkit is available to design GUI and also with capabilities to 2D and 3D graphics?

    thanks in advance



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OpenGL, Motif, GTK etc come to my mind but although this issue is not Fortran related, I'll route your question to my peer who supports Fortran (he's a guru and called "Dr. Fortran!) and may offer you some useful suggestions if there's any....


OpenGL is great for graphics but has no UI features. Windows or Linux? I'm more familiar with Windows - Visual Studio offers a pretty strong UI builder and lots of support for UI development and graphics. I know much less about the Linux side.

Are you sure you can't use Fortran? It seems to me that the effort to create interfaces to your CFD code (or whatever) is likely to be less than learning an entirely new graphics library. You don't need to write interfaces for the whole library. Can you describe the issues in more detail?

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Thanks Steve for the response and yes we'll need to know what platform it is for?   In addition to what's mentioned before, the classic ones that come to my mind are the eclipse plugins,  Gnome and KDE are very popular too. There's Netbeans and there's also java gui builders like Delphi. So, choosing a particular GUI builder for Linux is pretty subjective and depends on what the user is looking for.


On Windows platform you can use WinForms Designer or WPF UI scripting with xaml.I  personally prefer Winforms Designer.The other option is to use either MFC or Win API for GUI development.

Thanks Iliyapolak, that's good info for the user to know....


Thanks Kittur Ganesh

I would rather prefer  WinForms Designer over the Win API or MFC. Win API for GUI development has steep learning curve.

I agree :-)

Simple workaround needed  to simplify Win API programming could be usage of templates.


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