Expected Vectorization with Array Notation

Expected Vectorization with Array Notation

Hi There!

I have a large number number of loops written in Array Notation. After a build with options /O2 and /Qvec-report3 activated, I found that none of those loops were vectorized. I tried to find reasons in the documentation without success. What reasons would prevent the composer from vectorizing a loop in Array Notation?
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Hi Jorge,

Are you getting any output at all from /Qvec-report3? There might be a problem with your settings if you're not, which I can assist with. /Qvec-report3 should normally give you reasons why loops aren't vectorizing.

A complete listing of the compiler and linker options used and the compiler output you're seeing would be a good next step.

Hi Brandon,

I am afraid I cannot make our compiler options public. Could we move to a private thread? Once solved, we could share the solution (if any) with everyone.


I found that all loops written using array notation were properly vectorized. The compiler reports them as:


Glad to see there isn't a problem here, thanks for letting us know.

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