Intel Cilk Plus is being deprecated

Intel Cilk Plus is being deprecated

Intel® Cilk™ Plus - an extension to the C and C++ languages to support data and task parallelism - is being deprecated in the 2018 release of Intel® Software Development Tools. It will remain in deprecation mode in the Intel® C++ Compiler for an extended period of two years. It is highly recommended that you start migrating to standard parallelization models such as OpenMP* and Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB). For more information see Migrate Your Application to use OpenMP* or Intel® TBB Instead of Intel® Cilk™ Plus.

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After reading the migration article I am wondering what will happen with Intel array notation (which is missing in the article). This is indeed the one feature I am interested in. There are several implementations available (icc, clang, gcc), so I wonder if Intel is dropping this feature too or if there will be some effort to push it to the C or C++ standard.
Please, can anyone shed some light on Intel's plans regarding array notation?

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Olaf Krzikalla





Array notation is one of the Intel Cilk Plus features, so it is also being deprecated.

However, as described in the above notice, it will remain in the product for two years in deprecation mode, so users can continue using this feature for now.

What is the reason that forced Intel to deprecate Intel Cilk Plus? Array notation was a noble addition to the C++ language...

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