attach to process in Intel Inspector 2011 XE for windows in VS2005

attach to process in Intel Inspector 2011 XE for windows in VS2005

Hi there,

 Is it possible to "attach to process" in Intel Insepector 2011 XE for windows in vs2005?
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No. attaching feature is only for Intel? VTune™ Amplifier XE.

Thinking that the tool have to know memory allocation from application's launching...then know leaks, I suppose.

Regards, Peter

was wonderinf if there is some way to analyse the memory leak / error for multithreaded dlls. In my case some third party application used to load the dll's. Earlier we use memory validator to find out the memory leak in single threaded dll. It allows to attach to the process  and we attach from the moment we start the gui / process. It would be very nice if there is something like this in inspector.

Let me clarify on multithreaded dlls used:

1. If your application will usethird party application by loading dlls, Inspector XE can detect all memory leaks occurred in these dlls.

2. If your application will use third party application by creating a new (child) process, Inspector XE cannot detect them.

Remember that Inspector XE only works for a single process.

Regards, Peter  

I tried to wrote "sample application.exe" which use system call to start thrid party gui application. Third party gui appliation will load my multithreaded dll. I executed this way and everythings work fine.

Now I used Intel inspector 2011 XE to start "sample application.exe" and when my third party gui loads my multithreaded dll, i am getting "Invalid access to memory location (998)". 
I dont see this error if I don't use Intel Inspector. This occurs only when I use it with intel inspector.

I think that you may write a script which launches "sample application.exe" - it system-calls 3rd-party app which calls your dlls. Then use - (for example)
"inspxe-cl -collect mi3 -executable-of-interest your-dll --".

Note that you launched "sample application.exe" as target app, which was not in same process memory space of 3rd-party application.  

Hi there,
I am using Intel Inspector XE 2013 for memory leak analysis.
My requirement is like mentioned below:
My exe is spawning to many child process.
I want to analyze each of the child process at run time.

Unfortunatly I am not able to see any "attach process" option in Inspector.
Kindly let me know the way I can fulfil my purpose.

Thanks in advance.

Krupesh D

I want to inspector browser plugin leaks, but I can't do it. Anyone can help me?

IE 9/10/11 ActiveX plugin

Chrome / FireFox NPAPI plugin


Inspector doesn't work for running process.

Inspector works for native C/C++ & Fortran built binary, not designed for ActiveX, managed code, and Java.

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