MarkSpeckles maxPixDiff behaviour

MarkSpeckles maxPixDiff behaviour


Microsoft Visual Studio 2015



Does any body understand how the maxPixDiff paramter works in the markSpeckles function?


Using the test image below I expected that for the image

- threshholded at 8194

 - maxSpecklesSize of 300


That a maxPixDiff value of >25 would include the 'blue' (middle ring value 8240) portion of the image  however

- setting the value to 24 finds the centre portion as expected

- setting 26 finds NOTHING (not even centre portion)

- setting 80 finds NOTHING (not even centre portion)

Note this behaviour is evident on other images (actual data) not just this test pattern

Any help understanding this would be appreciated

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Maybe you hit a bug. I am using ippiMarkSpeckles with good results (but didn't create specific test-cases). The API of the function is somewhat peculiar in that it doesn't write to a separate result mask but inline to the image itself. Therefore, I let the user choose between black, white and mid-gray pixels.

My two cents.


Adriaan van Os


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