user level (uSCIF) and kernel level (kSCIF)

user level (uSCIF) and kernel level (kSCIF)

Hello!The readme.txt file mentions theSCIF is available by means of kernel space and user space software.The mic.ko driver is the kSCIF side of this SCIF interface and the library libscif (scif_api.c) is the user space side (uSCIF) of this interface (this library only is providing access to the IOCTLs availables in the driver), is it that correct?On the other hand, where can I get any documentation, or datasheet about the SCIF technology?Thank you for your answers!

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Probably SCIF is not a technology based on an underlying hardware feature, is only a software layer in the top of PCIe making this hardware bridge like a virtual ethernet controller, so the communication between host and target is similar to communication via sockets.

I don't know if this layer idea is derivated from other project, otherwise is an original idea from Intel people.
Many thanks.

how can i find the user level can any one help me?

You can find an example of user level SCIF library in the mpssd daemon. The source code of this daemon is located in thepackage-full_src-k1om/host/utils/mpssd folder.

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