economy overcast influence

economy overcast influence

This tutorial requires some basic knowledge of Photoshop and how to
work in its environment. For our the text itself we will be using a
specific font and will be downloading it later so some skills on how to
install fonts will be necessary as well.
But thats pretty basic knowledge and I am sure everyone that does
tutorials knows these things by now. If not, feel free to comment and
well sort it out.
This tutorial consists of only 5 steps but the effective layering and
blending modes will make your text look frightenly realistic if executed
in the right way and with a bit of patience. Feel free to do any
modifications after youre done with the tutorial. Refine it and make
changes. That way you will learn the mechanics of the
Baby Wear tutorial and later
on apply it to any project that it might fit for.

I am using font random font sizes for each letter when I type my text.
One really important thing here is to make sure youre just not typing
out what you want to type. We need to mix it
Baby Wear up a bit to make it
look more realistic in its appearance. We can do this by typing one
letter at a time each in its own layer. Why you might ask. Well, cause
we want the possibility to rotate and mess around with the letters so
they really look like they are finger painted using the water on the
So, when typing make sure you work with the text and imagine how it
would look if it was raining outside and you could play with the water
droplets to form your desired text. This is how I typed it:
Time to add some effects to the text layers to make it look like water.
The effect in itself is really easy but its the massive randomness that
makes the picture really. The more you work with the picture

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