std::priority_queue performance slower than VC10

std::priority_queue performance slower than VC10


I've noticed that when I compile my project with ICL12 beta, the performance of thestandard library std::priority_queue class is degraded by20% on averagecompared to theVC10 compiler. It depends mainly on the data inserted, but sometimes it's as much as 70% slower.

With the test case attached, I get the following numbers:

> icl priorityqueue.cpp /O2 /EHsc

std::priority_queue average time taken:3.50583 seconds.

> cl priorityqueue.cpp /O2 /EHsc

std::priority_queue average time taken: 2.86942 seconds.

Running on Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550.


Download priorityqueue.cpp1.32 KB
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I reproduced the problem; although I only see about 5% difference rather than 70%. Will investigate further and get back to you.


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