Comparision of Parallel Studio and Parallel Studio XE

Comparision of Parallel Studio and Parallel Studio XE

I have a customer that wants an explanation of the differences between Parallel Studio and Parallel Studio XE, beyond that fact that XE comes with a Fortran Compiler component. Are the Fortran Compiler v12.0 MKL 10.3, IPP 7.0 and TBB 3.0 really new/latest versions of those products and are they lower revision levels in the plain Parallel Studio? Things like that.


Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution.

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Hello Dave,

There is no intention to use lower library versions in Parallel Studio. The difference is in products included. Intel Inspector XE and Intel VTune Amplifier XE are different products than Inspector and Amplifier from Parallel Studio. They are more functional, e.g. hardware based analyses (EBS) and are available in Amplifier XE, but not in Parallel Amplifier.

There are a lot of differences, please refer to the brief descriptions of products from the both suites:

Parallel Studio requires Visual Studio and runs on Windows only. Parallel Studio XE can be used without VS, there are standalone GUI for Inspector XE and Amplifier XE. It supports Windows* and Linux*.


Thank you Kirill ....will deliver to customer.


Dave A. Lifeboat

The picture below shows product suites comparison:

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