Selecting module/library to profile

Selecting module/library to profile


I am new to using Parallel studio and wanted to know if there was a way to specify which modules (libraries) to analyse. Currently it is analysing everything and this is skewing my results towards a library I dont care about.


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I may need to know more about
the analysis type you are performing.
However, for example, in Intel Parallel Amplifier hotspot analysis results
in the Bottom-up tab you can change the data grouping to show modules then sort
by CPU Time to display the hottest modules.
You can also filter by module as well as other filter points of interest.

Thanks. I do all the 3 types of analysis supported. I did filter the results. That helps to focus on the libraries of interest for me.I was just curious if there way a to tell Amplifier to collect analysis only from certain libraries.

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