demux decode using intel media sdk

demux decode using intel media sdk

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Hi I am trying to spilta h264 video stream via an IP camera both the video and audio stream by using the demux_decode sample but the sample uses a input file and not a video stream. From what I have been reading I need to use UMC::DataReader not UMC::FileReader. I have tried to populate UMC::DataReader pDataReader->m_pDataPointer & pDataReader->m_pEODPointer with the buffer array sent via the camera which contains one frame arrayand one audio array but when I pass pSplitParams->m_pDataReader = pDataReader as in the demux_decode example umcRes = pSplitter->Init(*pSplitParams) return -999 or VM_OPERATION_FAILED. Is there any samples that show how to do this or can someone see what I need to do for pSplitter->Init(*pSplitParams) to suceed.

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Hi Nigel,

Is the problem MediaSDK related? Here is the forum. More experts there may provide help.


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