Calculation of branch misprediction

Calculation of branch misprediction

Take branch miss prediction for example,I get one formula from tuneDocument.branch miss rate=BR_MISP_ANY/BR_INST_ANY/.is it a correct formula?And I can found PEBS event such as BR_INST_RETIRED and BR_MISP_RETIREDHow could I use this event to calculate branch miss prediction,What are the differences between PEBS event andNon-PEBS event? and where could I found detailedInformation about this event

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There's some information about BR_INSTR_RETIRED. And if you want to understand the PEBS mechanism in more detailes you should read Intel Sowtware Developper's Manual,Vol.3 System Programming Guide, part 18.4.4. Once it helped me and may be it will help you.

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