mpirun failed to start when TMPDIR=. is set

mpirun failed to start when TMPDIR=. is set

When the environment variable TMPDIR is set
to the current directory, not matter it is '.', './', or full path, the Intel
MPI failed to run.

This happens on all MPI versions ( including 4.0)

[linfa@babbage testrun]$ setenv
[linfa@babbage testrun]$ {/opt/intel/impi/} -n
(handle_mpd_output 730): Failed to establish a socket connection with
babbage:54848 : (111, 'Connection refused')
(handle_mpd_output 747): failed to connect to mpd on

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If you want an expert explanation of this problem, the cluster and HPC forum would be a more likely place to ask.

Would you mind giving a link? It looks like it is not part of this forum

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