Havok Animation demo

Havok Animation demo

Hello all!

I'm new to Havok and want to check if its suitable for my application.
Want to create a simple demo project which loads a skeleton and adds some animtions to that skeleton.
However, I can' t find any simple demo's or tutorials (for Animation).

Does anyone have a decent example or tutorials?
Or can give me a small example how to load a skeleton & attach animations to it.

Many thanks,


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Hey fusion2K,

Welcome to the Havok World!

If you have downloaded our Havok_Physics_Animation_"2011-3-1_"PC_XS_win32_VS2008 package, you should have access to most of our Animation demos under hk"2011_3_1_"r1\\Demo\\Demos\\Animation\\Api (similarly, you will find Physics demos in "hk2011_3_1_"r1\\Demo\\Demos\\Physics).
In there, you will find two demos that may interest you:
1) hk"2011_3_1_"r1\\Demo\\Demos\\Animation\\Api\\Blending\\Normal - This demo shows how to load a skeleton as well as two animations and how to blend between the two at run-time. (I believe this is exactly what you are trying to achieve)
2) hk"2011_3_1_"r1\\Demo\\Demos\\Animation\\Api\\Blending\\Additive - This demo shows another type of blending we support and which allows adding an animation on top of an existing base animation. (Allowing you to blend only the animations for a specific part of a body.)

Note: We provide some skeleton/skin/animation assets that you can find in the hk"2011_3_1_"r1\\Demo\\Demos\\Resources\\Animation folder however you will need to install HavokPcXsContentTools in order to be able to export your custom assets into the .hkx format from which you will then be able to load and run as shown in the demos listed above.
For more information on exporting your assets look into the ContentTools manual which you will get once you have installed the HavokPcXsContentTools and search for "Tutorial: Export and Animation Basics".

Do not hesitate to let me know, should you have more questions,


David G. Developer Support Engineer Havok www.havok.com

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