Vehicle Kit bug?

Vehicle Kit bug?

Hello.I have been trying to solve this problem for several days, but i couldn't explain, why a car created with Havok Vehicle Kit works in a so strange way. The problem is that when I make the car accelerate, the suspension hardpoints move backward relative to the chassis.The next screenshots will explain what I mean.Screenshot #1. The initial state.Screenshot #2. Accelerating.Could anyone please explain why it happens?

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Hey auxoid,

Something certainly does look wrong
with the suspension hardpoints, but it's difficult to tell from the images
alone what could be the problem.

Have you taken a look at how the car is
set up in the CarDemo? It's located at:

Physics -> Api -> Vehicle ->

If that doesn't help, please
describe/show how you are setting up your car.



Nick S.
Developer Support Engineer

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