Amplifier does not start program for analysis

Amplifier does not start program for analysis

when trying to run an application with amplxe-cl, the application itself is not executed:

schreibm@laptop47:~/workspace/sierpi$ amplxe-cl -v -collect hotspots ./build/sierpi_intel_omp_tsunami_parallel_release -d 14 -v 5
Using result path `/home/schreibm/workspace/sierpi/r008hs'
Executing actions 8 % Clearing the database
The database has been cleared, elapsed time is 0.011 seconds.
Executing actions 16 % Loading data files
Raw data has been loaded to the database, elapsed time is 0.022 seconds.
Executing actions 25 % Running data transformations
Data transformations have been finished, elapsed time is 0.001 seconds.
Executing actions 33 % Updating precomputed scalar metrics
Precomputing frequently used data has been finished, elapsed time is 0.006 seconds.
Executing actions 41 % Resolving information for `sierpi_intel_omp_tsunami_para
Symbol resolution has been finished, elapsed time is 0.143 seconds.
Executing actions 47 % Saving the result
Redundant overtime data has been discarded, elapsed time is 0.019 seconds.
Raw collector data has been discarded, elapsed time is 0.000 seconds.
Executing actions 49 % Saving the result
Finalizing the result took 0.293 seconds.
Executing actions 75 % Generating a report

Elapsed Time: 0.006
CPU Time: 0
Executing actions 100 % done

Running the application without amplifier works perfect.
The problems seems to be OpenMP. Compiling the Program with TBB support allows executing the program with amplifier.
Is this a known problem? How can I help to solve it?

Thank you,


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Problem solved:

I had to link the program with
-openmp-link dynamic
instead of
-openmp-link static

Best regards,


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