vtune and linux kernel 3.2.0

vtune and linux kernel 3.2.0


just installed ubuntu 12.04 lts with kernel 3.2.0 and found, that vtune (c studio xe 2011 sp1 update2 intel64) cannot compile it device driver (it says to me that my i7-3930K are unsupported processor). with kernel 3.0.0 vtune works without any issues.

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Latest product is U8, which supports Ubuntu* 11.10 - kernel is 3.0.0Ubuntu* 12.04 has not been supported yet, I suppose.-Peter

seems that it works in 3.2.0 kernel, but requires to compile and install sep driver manually.

Even it works (I'mglad to hear about this), but 3.2.0 kernel is not mentioned in release notes of Update 8. It means that the tool hasn't been fully tested.

Regards, peter

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