Is there any method to convert havok from left-hand to right hand coordinate system?

Is there any method to convert havok from left-hand to right hand coordinate system?

I used to use hkConvertCS to do this conversion jobfrom havok to render & game logic code,,but is there any other way to do this from the bottom level?
many thanks

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I think you can found some help in this post :

There are few methods on how to convert matrix from left to righthandedness that could help you.


Thank you Kissy.
I think what I seek for is a way to set the havok system right handed at the I don't need to convert quats and vetors ervery frame updates.
I forgot to say: my render engine is right-handed.

As far as I know you cannot change the havok coordonate system and you have to convert it using macro for instance.
You can switch it in debugger I think.

There is an excellent article in the docs titled "Rotations, Handedness, and all that" that deals with all aspects of question, but the short answer is Havok does not have a handedness. It is neither right nor left handed and there is no conversion necessary to use Havok with whatever coordinate system you wish.

If you are seeing problems that require a conversion then most likely your models are exported in a different coordinate system than your renderer. The two easy approaches to correct this are to switch your renderer's coordinate system (eg. apply a conversion in the projection matrix) or, more preferably, convert your model data on export to use the desired coordinate system. The second option here is nicer since when debugging the data will match up exactly with the visual representation.

Again, I highly recommend the above mentioned article in the docs.


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