double linked list -- deallocate all list

double linked list -- deallocate all list

hi everyone,In my program I create a double linked list.I would like to know if it is possible to deallocate all the list in a simple way.I mean, Can I apply a sort of code like:

or, as I suppose, I have to move across the entire list and ramove the node one by one?In the second case how can I do?cheers

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I am going to assume you are coding in Fortran, as the syntax you show is closer to Fortran than C/C++.

In order to have a linked list you would have to use POINTER components of a derived type. There is no way to deallocate the whole list in one statement.

If you need further help on Fortran, please ask in one of our Fortran-specific forums. We have one for Windows and another for Linux/Mac.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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