RFID in SDK3.1 Java: Is setPreReadMode(true) implemented?

RFID in SDK3.1 Java: Is setPreReadMode(true) implemented?


I am using 3.1 from Java for RFID access: Is setPreReadMode(true) really implemented? When I look at the jar from the SDK (RfidTag.mDataRead is never set to true) and also from the experience in running on a device, it makes me think, that the preread never happens.


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Hi Wolfgang,

We just double-checked the code and SetPreReadMode is implemented in the core and the language layer. We also checked SetPreReadMode and it is working as expected.

Would it be possible for you to set your MCA log file level to debug, capture the issue in the log file, and then attach the log file so we can take a look at what is happening?



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