Export Maya Blendshape aka Morphing

Export Maya Blendshape aka Morphing

Hi everybody,I have to export maya blenshape (aka morphing) and use it for facial animation on runtime.But can't do. These are the problems :

1- Havok content tools can't export blendshape node attribute (float slot) :I describe the node and attributes on a xml fileand put this file in the attributeselection folder. Even when I usewildcard on node and attribute,this type of node has never been exported.

2- Now let assume that I overcome the problem above by use something verycumbersome (custom attribute)How can Havok associate the animated float value with the base shape ? Since I use GPU for(skinning + morphing) and only a float value can't morph the base mesh.

More generally what is the state-of-art for applyng morphing at runtime when export data with Havok Content Tools ?I will very appreciate your experience feedbackThanks in advance

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You are right that the Havok Content Tools (HCT) do not export blend shapes. As you suggested, the way to approach this is through 'float slots'. For more information on that, you can go to Havok Content Tools -> The Havok Filter Pipeline -> Animation Filters -> Create Skeletons. Once you get this data, you'll have to export custom tags to associate the data with the mesh correctly.
This, however, is not the recommended solution. HCT is provided as a means for getting Havok-specific data into your pipeline and isn't designed as a wholistic solution for getting all data into your engine. It would be considerably easier for you to use something like Collada or FBX as they have more direct support for blend shapes. Another option, and probably stating the obvious here, is to go with a facial rigging system instead. That way you can use bones for everything and not have to create a completely separate export pipeline.
Hope that helps!

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