Intel CE4100 SDK building

Intel CE4100 SDK building

I am following the steps given in Intel CE Media processors document.

After installation of ISOs, i am using make menuconfig to build the SDK.

that menu Kernel selection menu item is there, which i selected as
none. There are two other options available in the selection menu. what
is the significance of this?
When i selected linux as my kernel i am unable to build my SDK successfully. So i selected none.

I tried to build an example application generated with above SDK build tool chain(Kernel as NONE).

Can i assume that my executable runs on actual hardware ?

Thanks in Advance

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Dear BrandIntel,

the SDK that you are referring to is not a public Intel product and not part of the Intel Embedded Software Development Tool Suite. If you obtained your development platform from Videon, please contact Videon-Central for support. They should be able to assist you.

Otherwise,please contact your Intel contact directly or reply with a private post providing your email address to continue this discussion.


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