How to apply Software Development Products Classroom Grants?

How to apply Software Development Products Classroom Grants?

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Hello all,

I have just enrollment into the Intel Academic Community Program, and
would like to apply for free Intel Software Development Tools Classroom
Licenses. In the welcoming email, it said

  • 2.
    Review your membership profile by selecting 'Update Membership Profile'
    from the right hand navigation box of the home page. After verification
    of the information press "Save". Please keep your information current,
    in particular your email address./li>
  • 3. To apply for your classroom tools licenses, provide a
    forecast of how many students you will teach in the coming one year. Go
    to "Modify Student Forecast/Actuals" in the right-hand nav of the
    homepage and then complete your forecast. The license email will be sent
    to your registered email address within 10 days.

However, I cannot find the 'Update Membership
Profile' and "Modify Student Forecast/Actuals" items. Therefore, I
cannot figure out how to apply classroom tools licenses. Does anboy give
some guidance for application? Thanks a lot.

Chi-Un LEI

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Hello , I am also interested in this. please provice some information so that I can also apply for the same. Thanks and Regards Abdul Ahad

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login to your account and you will see the "Academic" link in your profile. Click andsubmitte your forecast.

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