Intel TBB Quiz

Intel TBB Quiz

Hi all,

Small funny quiz for you, First read two terminologies.

Implicit::It implies that when programmer has nothing to do more.(Its all with respect to INtel TBB)
explicit:here he has to specify explicitely almost everything.
example: workload management,,wheather its explict or implicit or both has been faciliteted by this way ..

(Its all with respect to INtel TBB,,,no other model )
1.what is unit of worker(threads/process/tasks)?

2.programming methodologies used?

3.worker unit management ?(explicit/implicit or both)

workload.(explicit/implicit or both)

mapping (explicit/implicit or both)

6.Synchronization.(explicit/implicit or both)

model used?

8.How Debugging
support exposed to the programmer?

9.Ease of use?

10.Memory architecture used?

If you elaborate then it would be eben better.

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