Data Access and Latency Histogram Pane

Data Access and Latency Histogram Pane


I have two questions about the Data Access and Latency Histogram Pane:

1. How can I change the bin size?

2. Page 76 of the User Guide says that "The chart on the right shows a number of references
occurred with a specific latency value. This chart is empty if no events providing
precise latency information are collected. Such events are present on the Intel
Itanium processors family only." However, my chart is not empty even though I am running on Nehalem.
Could you please explain why?


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Hi Gabriele,

if i remember correctly there is no way to change bin size.

The User Guide section about this chart has not been updated.
Indeed there are events on Nehalem that provide latencies - so the chart shows the data.

please, keep in mind that this is experimental SW - this is why User Guide is not always updated and some some UI controls might be missing.


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