Registration link?

Registration link?

From here: click the registration link which gets me here:, the "Click here to register now" button just takes me to some GPA page: does one register?

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John:Thanks for pointing out this issue.Looks like some error happened in the last few days. I'll have the web team fix on Monday. Jeff

Registration link is now fixed. Our web team fixed the problem. I tested and seems to work. Try it and let me know if you still have issues.

Um, I don't think it works yet, or perhaps I am just confused. On the main contest rules page there is a link titled "To enter you must register for the contesthere." That link takes me to: is a registration for the Intel Software Network, not for the contest. I am already signed up for hte Intel Software Network. Is that all I need? There is a button on that page labeled "Click here to register now", and when I click it, I am bounced back to the contest rules page without any confirmation. Am I registered now?john lilley

John: You are good to go. You alreadyhave a registered ISN log-in, so you are eligible to enter. Since you already have previously registered, it returns you to the Rules page.

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