Viewing derived type variable value in debug window

Viewing derived type variable value in debug window

I have recently converted from CVF6.6 to Intel XE 2011 with Visual Studio 2010 and am still trying to figure things out in Visual Studio. I have a question concerning the ability to see the value of a derived type variable component in the debug window. Previously I could highlight the variable and see the value without adding it to the watch window, such as:

The new software does not show the value:

Is there a setting to make this function as previous? Thank you

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If you hover over the GS you will see a tooltip for the structure which will let you expand down the nested levels. Not exactly the same, but it works.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks Steve. I had seen this, and it works, but I am often dealing with derived type variables with hundreds of components and/or arrayed componentswith thousands of elements. The previous functionality enabled me to quickly see a value without expanding or adding to the watch window.

Ok - I will add this as a feature request.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

This already works for me in VS2008, Is it gone in VS2010?

What I see is that if you hover over the leftmost variable name in the reference you'll get a tooltip for the variable, which can then be expanded. What is being asked for here is hovering over the component and seeing the value of just that component. I see the same behavior in VS08 and VS10.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

I dont have problems with tip text components.

Unless that is it is a extended type and then neither watch or tooltip work. Not much fun as soon as you start using F2003.

And another case is a component that is an allocatable character. It is not shown in either watch or tooltip.

Is the debugger going to get fixed for these issues? You can not be serious calling these fixes "feature requets". What use is a debugger that can not see any data?

The feature request is specifically to show the specific component selected rather than the variable. Which compiler version are you using to show the value in your screenshot?

Steve - Intel Developer Support

The "show the value of the entire thing that is in the selection when my mouse hovers over the selection" (where the selection could include accessing components of a derived type or even simple expressions, but it must be limited to a single line) works ok in VS 2005 with ifort 12.0.3 (components of the parent type and/or allocatable character components may still be an exception).

I am using 11.1.067 in VS2008

This is submitted as issue DPD200037459.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

This was fixed in Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 (compiler version 14.0.) I tested VS2010 and VS2012.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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